Volume 37, Chapter 534.3: Mermaids?

“If they are automatic linked defensive soul tools, Teacher Xuan discovered that it takes around two to three seconds before the entire soul formation is activated after the soul tools are triggered. This will differ depending on the quality of the linked soul tools. This is why we need to cover that distance within two seconds to remain out of harm’s way. Then, linked defensive soul tools will be useless against us.”

As he spoke until here, Huo Yuhao paused for a moment before he continued, saying, “However, there’s still a problem – our uncertainty of our enemy’s strength. I scanned everything inside earlier, although it was at the price of alarming the enemy. When I scanned the place, I sensed that there were roughly a hundred and fifty soul engineers in the soul formation. However, I couldn’t tell their exact strength, as I was too rushed. This also means that the problem that we’ll face after sneaking in is how to quickly occupy the soul formation and get rid of the enemies.”

Bei Bei said, “This shouldn’t be a huge problem. Given...

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