Volume 37, Chapter 533.3: Eastern Sun City

Even though Eastern Sun City was in the north, it was the largest city in that region, and thus was a busy and bustling city. Many northerners were proud of being able to live in Eastern Sun City, and this also meant land within the city had exorbitant prices.

It was evening, and there were fewer and fewer people near the city gates. They had to be prepared against aquatic soul beasts which could appear at any moment, so Eastern Sun City’s gates would close every day after sundown.

A man and a woman carrying simple luggage was walking towards the gates. They seemed very tall, but had normal appearances, and they looked like husband and wife.

The soldiers responsible for standing guard were hiding from the cold in their bunks inside the city gates. Eastern Sun City was a large city, but they weren’t strict with inspecting individuals who were coming into and out of the city. This wasn’t very necessary, as nothing remotely related to war had happened at Eastern Sun City for a long time besides fighting aquatic soul beasts, just like Oak City. This was especially so after much of the Heavenly Soul Empire’s...

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