Volume 37, Chapter 533.2: Eastern Sun City

He Caitou controlled his machine and charged directly into the city through the enormous hole that he had blown open. Countless cannon barrels snapped open on the metal sphere, and more than twenty barrels that looked like spikes concentrated penetrating white light. More than twenty over beams of white light surged into the air in the next moment and pierced through the heavens.

These soul tools were called long-range piercing cannons, and were Class 8 soul tools. This soul tool had the second longest range; stationary soul cannon shells could go farther.

Booming sounds resonated in waves through the sky as flashes of fire and light flickered again and again.

This was the result of the Eye of the Asura working together with the Origin of Destruction, and piercing cannons that could lock onto its targets swept over all the surveillance soul tools in the sky above Oak City. Oak City immediately became blind, so that they were temporarily unable to seek reinforcements from cities a little further away.

Long-range transmission soul tools were starting to appear within the Sun Moon Empire as technology continued...

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