Volume 37, Chapter 532: An Attack from Afar

In the meantime, Huo Yuhao took his leave with Tang Wutong as they returned to the forest to look after the spectral gate.

Even though the all-terrain self-driving forts could not move as fast as the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion, which was in flight, they were not much slower than them. From the air, the forts were basically gigantic metallic balls running at an incredibly fast speed with their eight long legs. No terrain could stop them from advancing. Before long, they were all out of sight. When the Sun Moon Empire’s reinforcements arrived, all they would see was the rubble.

After entering the forest, the forts disappeared into the black doors. With the experience they had gained from their previous entrance, they were a lot faster this time around. As the nine doors closed, everything became as serene as before. It was almost as though the legions had not appeared at all. 

Huo Yuhao had gone into the spectral demiplane along with the rest of them.

Even though he was formerly trained in military tactics in the Ultimate Soldier Plan, what he had learned was primarily individual-based tactics. When it came to controlling a large number of troops, he knew he could not be compared to Ju Zi. However, the gap between him and her was not insurmountable. He believed that he was able to do so with the help of his powerful abilities and his spectral demiplane. This was apparent from the ease with which they were able to win the previous battle and retreat upon attaining victory.

However, he still believed...

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