Volume 37, Chapter 531.2: Breaking in! The Raid Starts!

As he became stronger, some of the things that he had to be extremely careful with before could now be treated with less caution.

As a faint glow flashed on his body, Huo Yuhao projected an ice-cold beam from his face. While he was flying, he had already unleashed his spiritual detection ability to search for the Sun Moon Empire’s surveillance soul tools, which were hiding somewhere in the sky.

The current surveillance soul tool setup used by the Sun Moon Empire was very different from the one they had used previously. These soul tools were completely separated and spaced out. Even though they were able to cover a huge range, their arrangement was not in an extremely predictable pattern. In fact, the Sun Moon Empire had employed a dual surveillance method by performing surveillance from both the land and the air. The overlapping of their surveillance range would increase the chances of detecting enemy movement and guaranteed better safety.

Almost every surveillance soul tool was protected by a soul tool on the land, and the aerial surveillance soul tools were also acting as...

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