Volume 37, Chapter 529.3: Dad, Hug Me!

That was the reason why the White Tiger Duke had a headache. He couldn’t possibly relinquish their defensive perimeter along the Ming Dou Mountain Range. Otherwise, if the Sun Moon Empire conquered the Ming Dou Mountain Range once more, the Star Luo Empire would be pushed into an even more backward position.

But they couldn’t not defend their northern front. Such a long battlefield was extremely unfavorable for the Star Luo Empire. The Dou Ling Empire behind them had it a lot better in comparison. They had the Heavenly Soul Empire in front of them for defense, after all. Furthermore, once the Sun Moon Empire had completely overrun the Heavenly Soul Empire, they would undoubtedly have to face Shrek City. Shrek City’s strength was an important form of invisible protection for the Dou Ling Empire. That was also one of the most important reasons why the Heavenly Sun Douluo decided to relent, because he didn’t want to offend Shrek Academy.

Huo Yuhao began to contemplate. “Duke, can we come in?”

The White Tiger Duke was shocked by his question.

The tent’s curtains were lifted in the next moment. The soldiers outside didn’t...

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