Volume 37, Chapter 529.1: Dad, Hug Me!

Even with Ju Zi’s current strength, which wasn’t more than a Soul Sage, she could temporarily possess a Titled Douluo’s defensive capability and mobility for a short period of time using this set of armor.

But Ju Zi was just sitting there holding a few sets of tiny clothes in her hands.

She touched her cheek to the fabric and gently rubbed the clothes against her cheeks as transparent teardrops splattered down. Her eyes were full of despondence and helplessness.

Even though she was an empress, she could clearly feel in this moment that there was nobody in the world who could help her.

Yunhan, Yunhan, are you alright? Have those people hurt you?

My son, my son, where are you!?

No matter how tough a woman could be, she would still become incredibly weak and fragile when her child was involved.

Xu Tianran was unwilling to compromise for her, and there was no arguing the matter. Even though Ju Zi had an extremely exalted status within the Sun Moon Empire’s army, she still couldn’t go against Xu Tianran, who was the true rul...

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