Volume 37, Chapter 527.3: The Crown Prince!

This little fellow wasn’t picky with his food. He was eating very happily, and naturally stopped crying because he had something to eat. But his large black eyes were staring at Huo Yuhao from the beginning to the end.

Reality proved that this one-year-old child wasn’t just able to eat food for grown men; he could even walk. Even though he didn’t walk very stably, the little child who should be Xu Yunhan began to walk by himself when Huo Yuhao let him go. Furthermore, he wasn’t uncomfortable with strangers, and he stopped crying once he was full. He was all smiles, and the way he smiled made all the Titled Douluo react with kind and amiable expressions. What a cute little baby!

The little child returned in front of Huo Yuhao after circling around, and seemed to stare at him very seriously before he exclaimed babyishly, “Daddy!”

Huo Yuhao almost jumped to his feet in surprise.

This child wasn’t the only person to call him “daddy”. The Snow Lady had called him that before. But Huo Yuhao realized to his surprise that he was only awkward and embarrassed when the Snow Lady called him that, but when this...

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