Volume 37, Chapter 527.2: The Crown Prince!

Ju Zi’s pretty face grew red and swollen as she found it hard to breathe, but her eyes were staring unblinkingly at Xu Tianran. She wasn’t willing to give any quarter, and her entire body was quivering from anger.

If she had felt any gratitude towards Xu Tianran before, then everything in her heart had vaporized in this moment.

Had Xu Tianran not trained her into a tool when he brought her back all those years ago? She had saved his life afterwards, and in her heart, everything that she owed him had been returned.

The reason why she was willing to do all kinds of things for him was because she wanted to get her revenge. But how could she not have any feelings at all when they had been together for so long?

But Ju Zi truly understood how naïve she was in this moment. How could any sentiment in the world fetter a man like that? All the yearning and feelings in her heart were but illusions, and she found herself so laughable that she had placed so much hope on a person like that.

Xu Tianran felt his heart skip a beat as he stared into her eyes. An intense...

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