Volume 37, Chapter 527.1: The Crown Prince!

Ten shadows returned soundlessly fifteen minutes later. The Heavenly Sun Douluo was in the lead, and he was holding a bag as he immediately lowered his voice once he touched the ground and said, “Let’s go. Radiant City has increased security across the entire city, so let’s get out of here. You’re back in command, Yuhao.”

Huo Yuhao could tell from the Heavenly Sun Douluo’s solemn expression that he knew about the Body Douluo’s death. 

He nodded, and immediately shared Spiritual Detection with everyone. The others didn’t delay as they rose into the air and surged toward the sky. 

But Huo Yuhao had just taken everyone into the air when a dumbfounded look appeared on his face. His spiritual power was incredibly sharp, and the first thing had to do to share his Spiritual Detection was to cover everyone around him. There should be sixteen people including the Titled Douluo, Tang Wutong, and himself, because the Body Douluo would be missing from their initial lineup.

But when he brought everyone into the air, he could clearly hear a seventeenth heartbeat. There was another life form...

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