Volume 37, Chapter 526.3: Du Busi's Death

Even though Xu Tianran was still affected by Du Busi’s soul core, he was still able to move around under the protection from the golden shield above the Sun Moon Sacrificial Altar. As he reascended to the seventh floor of the Sacrificial Altar, he pointed at the sky with his right hand as a long golden sword appeared in his hand. Following which, his bright voice echoed into the distance within the Sun Moon Empire.

“I have been doted upon by the heavens, and have since inherited this throne. May the heavens above us protect the citizens of the Sun Moon Empire against whoever might dare to challenge their fury. Today, I shall borrow the power of the heavens and suppress whoever threatens our way of living. He or she shall perish, never to be reborn. May the light of our Sun Moon Empire shine upon our land forever and always.”

At the very next instant, Xu Tianran’s body started to radiate a golden glow. A cold and solemn look formed on his face as a bolt of purple lightning emerged from his body. Suddenly, his body started to emit a purple-gold flash, which contrasted against the dark skies as he became the center...

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