Volume 37, Chapter 526.2: Du Busi's Death

“Of course not. The tens of thousands of souls which we managed to reap earlier are barely enough to replenish what was depleted from the Death God Pagoda previously. Why should we stop Du Busi? Long Xiaoyao is a smart man. He knows when to give up and leave.” Ye Xishui gave the plainest reply possible. It was impossible to see any emotions in her eyes.

“I understand.” Zhong Liwu did not dare to add anything else. Even though he was the actual Supreme Leader of the Holy Ghost Church, everyone knew who called the shots.

As she watched the battle which was going on in midair, Ye Xishui remained extremely calm. A faint blood-red color occasionally flickered in her eyes. A large group of powerful cultivators from the Holy Ghost Church stood behind them. They had all gathered here and waited silently for instructions not long after Du Busi had emerged.

Ye Xishui definitely knew what her son was worried about. Her son feared that Long Xiaoyao might be angered by what had just unfolded. She also knew that Long Xiaoyao was calling for her. If...

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