Volume 37, Chapter 526.1: Du Busi's Death

All these dead people were soul engineers. Even though they were able to utilize soul tools to enhance their fighting abilities to a level which could rival a Titled Douluo, their body’s toughness was incomparable to a Titled Douluo’s. Hence, a lot of them perished immediately after Du Busi released his power.

However, they were not the only ones who were affected by Du Busi. Even the Dragon God Douluo—Long Xiaoyao—found himself rapidly descending after Du Busi released his power. He was in disbelief as he tried to steady his body.

“Du Busi, are you crazy? You actually ignited your own fire of life?! This will detonate your soul core!”

Du Busi’s eerie laughter vanished as he said coldly, “That’s exactly what I want to do. I want to detonate my soul core and take all of you cursed people of the Sun Moon Empire down to hell with me. Listen to me, hypocrite! I am not afraid of death. I just want to see how the Sun Moon Empire can attack my homeland—the Heavenly Soul Empire, after everyone present dies with me! Hahahaha!”

Long Xiaoyao was shocked by Du Busi’s words. He had not expected Du Busi to make such a brutal decision.

There was not a single person who was not afraid of death. In fact, the stronger a person was, the likelier he or she feared death. After all, only the strong and powerful could enjoy this world.

When one had attained the Ultimate Douluo rank or was close to it, one could live beyond three hundred years if nothing unfortunate were to happen. Because Du Busi was the sect leader of the Body Sect and was responsible for protecting it, Long Xiaoyao did not expect him to choose to ignite his fire of life at this moment.

One must understand that the intensity of the fire of life was proportional to the strength of the soul master. As the intensity of the fire of life increased, it would become harder to douse it. Such irreversible scenarios would definitely result in the death of the soul master. At the same time, this would enhance the soul master’s abilities to an unprecedented level.

At that very instant when Du Busi ignited his fire of life, his cultivation level had been forced to an Ultimate Douluo’s level. And as the fire continued to rage, he was about to become stronger.

Because he had already ignited his fire of life, Du Busi no longer had any reservations or worries. Once the fire of life had finished burning, it would start to disrupt his soul core.

That soul core belonged to a Rank 98 Titled Douluo! One could only imagine how powerful the explosion would be!

There were millions of lives beneath them. Once his soul core exploded, every life below them would be ravaged.

From the above, it was clear why Titled Douluo were strategic pillars of strength for every empire. They possessed too much destructive power to be allowed to turn crazy and wreak havoc as they pleased.

As soul tool technology improved in the Sun Moon Empire, some of them had started to disregard the abilities of soul masters. However, Du Busi was about to give them a timely reminder of the invincible power of soul masters by burning his fire of life. At this moment, he was like an unbelievably powerful, unstoppable Class 10 stationary soul cannon shell.

Even though Huo Yuhao was very far from them, he noticed the change the moment Du Busi started burning his fire of life.

When he saw Du Busi grow to about a thousand meters tall, Huo Yuhao became very worried.

“I can’t believe he’s actually planning to do this. Now it makes perfect sense why he would hand the Secrets of the Body over to me. He didn’t want it to vanish with his death!” Huo Yuhao gave a bitter smile.

Tang Wutong frowned “Doesn’t he know that his actions will end millions of innocent lives? He’s really…”

Huo Yuhao sighed before replying, “The collapse of the empire must have hit him really hard. Even Xu Tianran probably didn’t expect his Grand Sacrificial Ceremony to become the stage for Du Busi’s self-sacrifice.”

Huo Yuhao really wanted to stop Du Busi from sacrificing his life, but he did not possess the ability to do so. No one present could stop a Rank 98 Transcendent Douluo who had ignited his fire of life. Even the Darkness Holy Dragon, an Ultimate Douluo, would not be able to do so.

However, Huo Yuhao’s expression suddenly changed as he recalled something.

“Wait a minute. Something’s wrong. I have to head over there right away. Wutong, I need you to wait for me here.” Following which, Huo Yuhao let go of Wutong’s hand as he got ready to move towards Du Busi.

Tang Wutong grabbed hold of him and asked frantically, “What are you doing?! Do you want to die? There are so many powerful individuals from the Sun Moon Empire over there. There’s no way we can stop Du Busi.”

Huo Yuhao replied anxiously, “No, I’m not going to try and stop him. I understand that his move is too extreme. But Du Busi has missed something important!”

It took a while before Tang Wutong understood what Huo Yuhao meant. “Are you thinking what I am thinking?”

Huo Yuhao nodded fervently. “Yes. I’m referring to the Holy Ghost Church. They are well-versed in many dark arts which pertain to souls and the dead spirits. If Du Busi were to detonate his own soul core, it would cause an unprecedented massacre. This catastrophic outcome would only strengthen the Holy Ghost Church! If they were to acquire millions of souls, I have no idea how strong they will become. That’s why I must make my way over there to either purify or lead the souls away if an explosion is to happen.”

“But this is too dangerous.” Tang Wutong naturally understood Huo Yuhao’s considerations, but she did not loosen her grip on him.

Huo Yuhao turned his head and gazed deeply into Tang Wutong’s eyes. Suddenly, he hugged her tightly before giving her an intense kiss.

Tang Wutong was taken aback by his kiss. Following which, the strong golden seal shone before tossing Huo Yuhao away from her.

“Wutong, wait for me.” Aided by the momentum given by the seal, Huo Yuhao transformed into comet as he flew towards the southern region of Radiant City.

As a man, there are certain things I must do! If I were to allow the Holy Ghost Church to become even stronger, an unbelievably scary future awaits all of us. In fact, it would be even worse than the Sun Moon Empire taking over the world.

And that was why he had to go!

Seeing how Du Busi could no longer be persuaded from his course of action, Long Xiaoyao shook his head as his body expanded against the wind. He transformed into a dragon that was more than five hundred meters long. Following which, he swung his dragon tail towards Du Busi aggressively.

Long Xiaoyao was enraged by Du Busi’s intent for heedless killing. He knew he had to stop him, and could not allow him to detonate his soul core.

Meanwhile, at the Sun Moon Sacrificial Altar, Xu Tianran appeared to have regained his calm. He slowly strolled down from the seventh floor to Ju Zi’s side.

Following which, he raised his hand and said calmly, “Get ready to activate the high-energy beam.”    

“Your majesty!” A tall old man with greying hair walked towards Xu Tianran with an unwilling look on his face. 

Xu Tianran looked at him seriously before saying, “Dean, I am the leader of our country. If I can’t even protect my own people, I will have failed as our leader. Without my people or their support, there is no point in me being King or Emperor. There will be no point in conquering this world at all.”

The old man replied in a deep voice, “But once we activate the high-energy beams, everything we have been preparing for will go down the drain. We will probably be unable to recover all the accumulated energies for a couple of decades. We would have no choice but to terminate our research.”

Xu Tianran gave him a cold stare as he replied, “Dean, do you think I don’t know what is more important? Looking at how things are, we have no choice but to set whatever research we are doing aside for now.”

The old man argued, “But there’s still the Holy Ghost Church. They belong to our empire, and would probably be very helpful when it comes to reducing costs and damages if they were willing to put in a hundred percent and help us.”

Xu Tianran burst into laughter, but his eyes were still ice cold. “You want them to lend us a hand? If they were willing, they would have done so long ago. After all, the Darkness Holy Dragon is an exception! He was never fully controlled by the Holy Ghost Church. And where is the Holy Ghost Church now? They are waiting. Waiting for a chance. They can’t wait for Du Busi to detonate his soul core and kill everyone. When that happens, imagine how powerful they will become with their newly-acquired millions of souls. Do you think I would still be the leader of this country when that happened? Dean, you can rest assured that your research will be set aside once they take over the Sun Moon Empire. They will definitely not allow powerful weapons to exist and threaten them. Now go on and set everything up.”

The old man went silent. As he looked up and stared at the battle between the giant and the huge dragon, he felt a deep sense of resentment within him. Nonetheless, he relented with a long sigh before leaving.

“Your majesty.” Ju Zi purred as she grabbed his hand.

Xu Tianran appeared to be at ease as he held her hand tightly. It seemed as though everything was under control. He was not making any preparations for any form of an emergency evacuation. However, Ju Zi’s hand was in pain as he tightened his grip.

As the battle in the air grew increasingly intense, Du Busi was somehow able to suppress the Darkness Holy Dragon under the enhancement from his burning fire of life. However, the battles around them had paused.

The four Transcendent Douluo who had been creating chaos had long disappeared. It was impossible to catch a Transcendent Douluo who was determined to escape unless one had an intricate plan set up in advance.

The purple flames on Du Busi’s body were getting very intense.

Long Xiaoyao arched his head upwards and released a dragon’s roar. The sound of his roar tore through the sky, as though he was calling for something. However, no matter how he roared, there did not seem to be a returning echo.

As the battle raged on, the flames on Du Busi’s body burned brighter and stronger. The sky seemed to be turning back and forth under the interchanging streaks of black and purple.

The slaughter which was going on at ground level previously and the battle which was going on in the sky had created mass hysteria amongst the public.

Fortunately, a huge army had been drafted especially for the Grand Sacrificial Ceremony. Under the control of the army and their soul tools, the four Transcendent Douluo had been chased away, and the situation had temporarily been transformed for the better. However, in that short period of time, tens of thousands of civilians had already been killed.

In the distance.

“Mother, are we really not going to go there and help Uncle?” Zhong Liwu, who was dressed in a full-length black robe, asked the pale Ye Xishui silently.

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