Volume 37, Chapter 526.1: Du Busi's Death

All these dead people were soul engineers. Even though they were able to utilize soul tools to enhance their fighting abilities to a level which could rival a Titled Douluo, their body’s toughness was incomparable to a Titled Douluo’s. Hence, a lot of them perished immediately after Du Busi released his power.

However, they were not the only ones who were affected by Du Busi. Even the Dragon God Douluo—Long Xiaoyao—found himself rapidly descending after Du Busi released his power. He was in disbelief as he tried to steady his body.

“Du Busi, are you crazy? You actually ignited your own fire of life?! This will detonate your soul core!”

Du Busi’s eerie laughter vanished as he said coldly, “That’s exactly what I want to do. I want to detonate my soul core and take all of you cursed people of the Sun Moon Empire down to hell with me. Listen to me, hypocrite! I am not afraid of death. I just want to see how the Sun Moon Empire can attack my homeland—the Heavenly Soul Empire, after everyone present dies with me! Hahahaha!”

Long Xiaoyao was shocked by Du Busi’s words. He had not expected Du Busi...

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