Volume 37, Chapter 525: Du Busi's Rage

There was a vigorous look of passion in Xu Tianran’s eyes.

Yes, only I, as the Emperor of the Sun Moon Empire and future ruler of the entire continent and the entire world, wield the right to step onto the seventh platform of this Sun Moon Sacrificial Altar.

He ascended step by step until he reached the center of the platform. When he was above the image of the Sun and Moon, he was completely covered in a gold and silver glow.

“Ring, ring, ring——” An alarm that sounded like the groan of a giant beast sounded. The ceremony had officially begun.

After this, a total of a hundred and eight firecrackers were set off. The sounds of these firecrackers echoed for more than fifty kilometers.

Xu Tianran, who was at the top of the altar right now, was like the ruler of the entire world right now. He opened his arms wide and peered into the sky. He basked in the sunlight, and his face was filled with pride and mightiness.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom…” The booms continued to sound, but the expressions of a few people started to change.

These were intelligent people. The sounds of the firecrackers seemed a little weird; they seemed a little too loud.

In the distance, there appeared to be lights flashing from the east side of Radiant City.

Xu Tianran didn’t seem to hear anything. He continued with the ceremony.

All types of sacrificial items were slowly raised along the sides of the...

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