Volume 37, Chapter 524.3: Secret of the Body

Five days later.

The atmosphere in Radiant City felt evidently more serious and imposing compared to normal. Early in the morning, the usually bustling city became very quiet. Apart from some stores that sold daily necessities, most of the stores chose to cease business for the day.

This was because it was the day of the Grand Sacrificial Ceremony.

The Emperor of the Sun Moon Empire, Xu Tianran, would be at the outskirts of the city to attend the ceremony. He was going to pay his respects to heaven and earth, as well as the ancestors of the Sun Moon Empire.

The territories of the Sun Moon Empire had expanded greatly in the short period of time after Xu Tianran ascended to the throne. This ceremony was more of a ceremony to flaunt his achievements. At the same time, he was warning everyone to be prepared for the day that he ruled over the entire continent

Preparations for this Grand Sacrificial Ceremony had been in motion for many months. Many resources, including workers, money and materials, were tapped into for this ceremony.

Many citizens streamed out of the city in the early hours of the day. They came...

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