Volume 37, Chapter 524.2: Secret of the Body

Du Busi shook his head and answered, “Bombing their munitions warehouses is only our way of attracting their attention. In fact, you can’t imagine how heavily guarded they are. That’s why we just need to create chaos by bombing them. After that, we’ll try to assassinate Xu Tianran. At the same time, there’s another mission.”

Huo Yuhao asked, “There’s another mission? The White Tiger Duke didn’t tell me anything!”

Du Busi said, “That’s because this important mission is supposed to be completed by the Heavenly Sun Douluo and myself. Only the two of us know our true goal. Your Spiritual Detection is very strong. That’s something we hadn’t thought of before. Don’t worry, we’ll won’t give you the most difficult task. We’ve already planned everything out. We hope that you can receive us when we finish it, no matter whether we succeed or fail. Your job is to ensure that the Titled Douluo involved in this mission can escape successfu...

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