Volume 37, Chapter 522.3: Missions, Plans

Tang Wutong laughed as she dodged away. “Have you forgotten how much it hurts?”

Huo Yuhao immediately pulled a long face. “My dear, you have to ask your father to come when we go back this time and remove his seal. Otherwise, I’m going to go crazy.”

Tang Wutong giggled. “I think it’s pretty good this way. You’ll just have a slight taste of it. Isn’t it always wonderful to have something to look forward to?”

Huo Yuhao put on a depressed face and said, “You are beautiful. I have been too stifled.”

Tang Wutong blushed as she said, “Hurry up and cultivate. All you know to do is speak frivolous things.”

Two people sat opposite each other in a tent not far from them. It was the Body Douluo, Du Busi, and the Heavenly Sun Douluo.

“Brother Du, are we really going to listen to that little fellow’s commands along the way?” The Heavenly Sun Douluo asked Du Busi with a little displeasure in his voice.

Du Busi nodded and said, “Don’t underestimate that little kid, Heavenly Sun. He’s surprised me more than once already, and he has a spiritual-type martial soul. He has very unique abilities concerning concealment....

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