Volume 37, Chapter 521.1: Two Cultivation Methods of the Second Soul Core

“When you want to form your second soul core, you’ll inevitably infringe upon your first soul core. Instead of there being one center, there’ll be two centers. Your first soul core will generate intense resistance. This is because you are disrupting the circulation of your first soul core by forming your second soul core. That’s why it becomes particularly difficult, and you’ll face a lot of interference.”

Huo Yuhao nodded. Elder Xuan’s description fit the situation he was facing right now exactly.

Elder Xuan continued, “It seems like you understand what I’m saying! Don’t tell me that you’ve already begun trying to form your second soul core?”

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly and replied, “I’ve been on it for some time, but I’ve not managed to make much progress. Otherwise, why would Wutong a Titled Douluo, but not me? We’ve been cultivating together, and the standard of our soul power roughly the same. This second soul core has been troubling me for a long time.”

As he looked at Tang Wutong before looking...

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