Volume 37: Vindictive Plans, Chapter 520.1: Assassinate Xu Tianran?

Xuan Ziwen twisted his lips and said, “How am I not being kind? At least I’m not hiding and withholding anything. I’ve imparted everything that I know to you. Otherwise, how could you have become a Class 9 soul engineer?”

Yes, Huo Yuhao was a true Class 9 soul engineer now. Even though he was not a Titled Douluo yet, he had completed the production of a Class 9 soul tool. This was unquestionable.

Huo Yuhao understood what Xuan Ziwen was saying. “Teacher Xuan, it’s not that I’m not teaching you. It’s that you aren’t understanding.”

Xuan Ziwen snapped, “That’s because I don’t have the Ghostcarving Blade!”

It had been a year and a half, but Xuan Ziwen and He Caitou still didn’t manage to learn the Rain Dragon’s Dance. They had only learned very minor parts of it. Their comprehension wasn’t deep enough, which meant that the strength of the Rain Dragon’s Dance couldn’t be fully unleashed.

“You can’t blame me for that!” Huo Yuhao said helplessly, “This Ghostcarving Blade has picked its owner. I have no choice...

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