Volume 36, Chapter 519.3: One and a Half Years

Bei Bei was overjoyed. “Great! That’s just great. However, somehow, I feel like Xiao Ya doesn’t need an entire pill’s effects. Little junior brother, you and Tang Wutong should consume the rest of the pills. The two of you are the Tang Sect’s strongest fighting force now, and only the two of you can fight like Titled Douluo with your martial soul fusion. The academy has high hopes for the two of you. I suggest that the two of you take one more pill each, so that the you can become Titled Douluo as quickly as possible.”

Huo Yuhao smiled faintly and said, “Eldest senior brother, increasing our soul power by relying on our own cultivation is best. Using medicine to boost our cultivation, even if they’re natural treasures, is not as consolidated or solid compared to doing so through our own cultivation. We have already drawn upon a lot of medicinal effects this time, and we still have to rely on our own cultivation to stabilize and consolidate. We will be spoiling things by undue haste if we take any more. With our current cultivation speed, we can still increase our cultivation relatively quickly even without pills and medicine.”

Bei Bei nodded and answered, “Then...

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