Volume 36, Chapter 519.1: One and a Half Years

Deep meditation? Everyone from the Tang Sect was stunned when they heard those words. Several hundred people in deep meditation at the same time?

Bei Bei laughed. He was always so refined and elegant, and he rarely expressed too much happiness or anger, but there was clearly excitement in his eyes.

“I didn’t misspeak, and you guys heard that right. Everyone went into deep meditation, and those who came to earliest only did so at daybreak. Some of those who have woken up have told me that their entire bodies feel very smooth and clear, while many of their impurities have been expelled. I conducted a simple checkup on them, and discovered that their soul power hasn’t improved much, but their martial soul’s quality seems to have improved, while their bodies have become stronger. Those who have woken up are the Tang Sect’s weakest disciples, and they are comparatively less talented. That also means that the more talented you are, the longer you will be in deep meditation.”

Everyone exchanged glances, and incredulity flickered in their eyes.

What was deep meditation? That was a state that every soul master dreamed...

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