Volume 36, Chapter 517.3: Qiankun Fortune Pill

Furthermore, Huo Yuhao was stunned to find out that this pill furnace was easier to control using the Haodong Power compared to when he used his own strength. In addition, the effect seemed to be better too. The strong medicinal composition in the furnace seemed to submit to the Haodong Power.

This wasn’t just because the Haodong Power was much stronger than Huo Yuhao’s individual soul power. It seemed like the Haodong Power contained some kind of strength that the essences of the medicine had no choice but to submit to.

Right now, the medicinal fluid inside the furnace had fully taken form. Huo Yuhao was down to the last step of the cultivation, which was forming the pills.

What this meant was that the essences inside the furnace had to be compressed further to turn them into pills. This process was the simplest compared to the other steps, but it was the most draining too.

When Huo Yuhao started on this step, the Class 9 furnace seemed to be unable to take it, and needed to release some pressure...

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