Volume 36, Chapter 517.2: Qiankun Fortune Pill

However, even if she was in a much better state of mind, her body was still affected by the poison. She called herself a funnel before, because she kept losing the life energy that she absorbed from the Life Guardian Blade. However, it was also because of this that she was able to maintain her current condition. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed right now.

Bei Bei exerted a little more force with his arm and brought Tang Ya closer to him. He was afraid that she would leave him if he wasn’t careful enough. He couldn’t imagine what he would do if that happened. He couldn’t imagine how pained he would be.

“Bei Bei.” Tang Ya gently called his name.

“Yes.” Bei Bei softly acknowledged.

Tang Ya softly said, “Do you think I’m very spoiled? If not for the fact that I left, so many things wouldn’t have happened.”

“No, it’s my fault. I couldn’t protect you.” Bei Bei looked at Tang Ya, and his face was filled with guilt. “If I had understood your thoughts better and...

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