Volume 36, Chapter 516.3: The Rain Dragon's Dance

“…” If one’s stare could kill, Huo Yuhao would be completely filled with holes now.

Just as Xuan Ziwen was about to explode in anger, Huo Yuhao made a move.

He lifted his right hand and covered that piece of rare metal. Xuan Ziwen immediately stopped himself from saying what he wanted to say. He held it back so hard that his face turned red. He was truly in discomfort.

However, he focused his gaze in the next moment. He could clearly see a streak of dark-blue flame dancing on Huo Yuhao’s fingertips. He only gently rubbed his right hand over that piece of rare metal before a layer of fine powder fell and scattered proportionally around the piece of rare metal.


Xuan Ziwen was the one who had chosen this piece of rare metal. Of course he knew how resilient it was. However, Huo Yuhao didn’t seem to have summoned a lot of his soul power. Golden lights flashed in his eyes, as if he had used his Spirit Eyes. What were the dark-blue flames that danced on his fingertips?

As a Class 9 soul engineer, Xuan Ziwen was also very sharp....

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