Volume 36, Chapter 516.2: The Rain Dragon's Dance

The entire process of creating the core formation was almost flawless. Huo Yuhao managed to produce two core formations in just one day. Xuan Ziwen believed that he was very talented. However, he knew that he couldn’t possibly create two completely different core formations in one day. In his best condition, it was already remarkable if he could finish one core formation. And after he finished, he would still need some time to rest.

Is this kid even human?

How did he even manage to do this? Thirty minutes. I only took thirty minutes to collect dinner. Did he actually manage to finish during those thirty minutes?

When Xuan Ziwen thought until here, he lifted his head and shouted, “Yuhao, tell me honestly. How did you…” Just as he spoke until here, he realized that the laboratory was already empty.

It was only now that he realized he had agreed to let Huo Yuhao leave. He was instantly frustrated. This rascal knows how to exploit any opportunity!

Xuan Ziwen believed in action. A few minutes later, he appeared outside...

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