Volume 36, Chapter 515.3: The Seal on Tang Wutong's Body

“Yuhao, are you alright?” Tang Wutong’s concerned voice made Huo Yuhao’s heart ache. He squeezed out a smile and replied, “My dear, how could you be so cruel? Even if you don’t want me to kiss you, there’s no need to be so violent, right?”

It was as if the fiery passion in his heart had been doused by a pail of cold water. The pain which his body was feeling was secondary compared to the pain felt by his heart!

Tang Wutong’s eyes started to become teary as she lamented, “No, no, it wasn’t me. I didn’t stop you from kissing me. It was my father who didn’t want you to kiss me.”

“What?” Huo Yuhao’s jaw dropped. This concerns my future father-in-law? As he saw the tears in Tang Wutong’s eyes, his heart softened immediately. He asked, “So what’s going on?”

Tang Wutong raised her hand and pointed at the faint golden trident mark on her forehead. She explained, “My father is worried that I would be taken advantage of in the outside world, and left a seal on my body. If anyone were to attempt to take advantage of my body, the rune would attack the person automatically.”

Huo Yuhao gaped with wonder. “Then why was the seal ineffective when we were facing the Dragon God Douluo?”

Tang Wutong awkwardly replied, “Well, he wasn’t intending to violate me…”

“Err…” This future father-in-law doesn’t seem to be very helpful… Why must he interfere with the things couples do?! Even though Huo Yuhao was fairly furious, there was nothing which he could really say about it. He could only console Tang Wutong, “Come on, Wutong... Don’t cry... Don’t worry about it. I’m not blaming you. Look at how strong my body is! It’s just another fall.” 

“I didn’t know that’s how things would unfold,” Tang Wutong replied apologetically, “When my father gave me the seal, I still hadn’t regained my memory. I really didn’t know… I will definitely ask my father to remove the seal the next time I see him.”

Even though Huo Yuhao knew he shouldn’t be too anxious about this, he still couldn’t help but ask when Tang Wutong would be able to see her father again.

She replied, “I really don’t know. It’s so hard to find my father. No one really knows where he is.” 

Huo Yuhao felt his heart wrench after hearing her reply. My future father-in-law, how could you do this to me…? It’s one thing for you to be hard to locate, but it’s an entirely different matter to interfere with my blissful life with Wutong!

However, Tang Wutong added, “Anyways, he will definitely appear on the day of our marriage.” 

Marriage? This term seemed to be a fairly distant concept for Huo Yuhao. After pausing for a while, he replied, “Wutong, then when shall we get married? Both of us have been through so much, and it has taken so much from me to find you back. Why don’t you marry me now? I can’t spend a day of my life without you.”

Tang Wutong appeared to be lost as she replied, “I will never leave you! Besides, we are still a little young to be married to one another, right?”

Huo Yuhao sighed in disbelief. My dear, I am already slow enough. How did you also become slow after losing your memories?

Before you lost your memory, we could still at the very least kiss one another. But now, we can’t even kiss anymore.

However, at this very instant, Huo Yuhao suddenly had an idea. His eyes appeared to be energized by the idea that hit him. “My dear, do you know exactly how powerful your seal is? It seems like it has no qualms with me hugging you.”

Tang Wutong blushed and replied, “How would I know?”

Huo Yuhao was evidently excited by her reply. He replied, “Why don’t we test it by doing some experiments? When the people above us implement restrictions on people like us, there are bound to be ways for us to circumvent these things. Perhaps your father is not as tyrannical as we think?”

Tang Wutong was very sympathetic towards Huo Yuhao after his fall earlier. She could not bear to reject him after seeing the longing in his eyes as she nodded to give her consent.

Huo Yuhao was over the moon as he exclaimed, “My dear is still the best!”

As he finished his sentence, he pounced towards her like a hungry wolf!

“Ahhhhhh!” After three seconds, when Huo Yuhao increased the intensity of his hug, his scream could be heard once again. Fortunately, he had set up the spiritual barrier earlier.

And screams were destined to be part of the theme for the night!

It appeared that kisses were not allowed. Overly intense hugs were also not allowed. Certain areas on the body were also not allowed to be touched. They were not even allowed to lie side-by-side on the bed to rest. Huo Yuhao was merely lying on the bed to alleviate the pain in his body when the golden light shone again!

In the end, Huo Yuhao could only focus on cultivating the Haodong Power with Tang Wutong on the bed while nursing the bruises he had sustained in his experiments. It was only when they were cultivating that the strange seal did not act up.

Huo Yuhao was furious! Damn it! How can my future father-in-law be so unreasonable? Can someone tell me how can I not be angry?

But he knew it was futile to be angry about it. There was nothing he could do about it. All he could do was suffer in silence and wait till Wutong’s father returned. Huo Yuhao had made up his mind to formally propose to Tang Wutong only after he had achieved a certain level of learning and understanding of soul tools under Xuan Ziwen, and graduated from Shrek Academy. 

However, there was a certain sense of unease which constantly lurked at the back of his head. A father-in-law who leaves such seals on his daughter will probably be difficult to deal with...

And he knew well enough that this future father-in-law was probably very powerful!

Huo Yuhao had previously asked Tang Wutong about him, but she was adamant to keep his information a secret. She explained how knowing more about her father would only damage their future relationship. 

Hence, Huo Yuhao had no choice but to stop asking.

Thus, what was meant to be a blissful night ended up as a night full of injuries for Huo Yuhao. Fortunately, he had good regenerative abilities and took only a night to recover. Nonetheless, it was still very painful for him to not be able to touch his loved one.

It was only at the next morning when Huo Yuhao finally managed to console himself. No matter what, it was already a lot better to have Wutong beside him than not having her at all. As long as she was well, there was no good reason for him to be unhappy.

“You’ve finally arrived, eh?” Xuan Ziwen asked in an unfriendly tone as he glared at Huo Yuhao, who was just entering the laboratory, with blood-red eyes.

Huo Yuhao wasn’t in a very good mood either. Even though he didn’t have bloodshot eyes, he was visibly tired.

“Can you stop acting so uppity about it, you little rascal?” Xuan Ziwen suddenly growled.

“Huh? When did I start doing that?” Huo Yuhao was confused by Xuan Ziwen’s words.

Xuan Ziwen snorted before jabbing at the outer shell. He asked, “Tell me! How did you do it? How did you do it in just one day? One single day. I don’t believe you managed to pull it off without getting any external help.”

Huo Yuhao sat on the chair and answered, “I can’t do anything about it if you don’t believe me. You can only blame yourself for not being around when I was carving it yesterday.”

“You!” Xuan Ziwen had spent the entire night trying to find flaws in the outer shell, to no avail.

“Alright. It seems like you’re a tough nut to crack, eh? Now I want you to follow the papers and start on the formation arrays. You will be in charge of the entire process from now on.” Xuan Ziwen jabbed at the thick stack of formation arrays and informed Huo Yuhao of his new task viciously.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes widened in disbelief as he replied, “You can’t do this to me, Teacher Xuan! This is a Class 9 soul tool. I have just barely grazed the door of a Class 8 soul engineer.”

“Aren’t you very capable?” Xuan Ziwen replied coldly, “Just get on with it. I will be sure to sit around and watch you materialize it. This pill furnace has a total of thirteen main formation arrays. Every single one of them is formed from a combination of nine Class 8 formation arrays. I will only let you leave after you make at least one of them. If not, you can prepare to sleep, eat and shit in this laboratory.”

Coupled with last night’s unfortunate events, Xuan Ziwen’s tyrannical instructional method had angered Huo Yuhao.

“So be it! So what will happen if I am able to construct one formation array?” Huo Yuhao asked rebelliously.

Xuan Ziwen let out a sinister laugh. “If you are able to make one of them, you will then carry on and complete the other twelve formation arrays. Following which, you will assist me to assemble the pill furnace. When all of the above is done, I will give you a day off.”    

If not for his fear of wasting the blood in his stomach, Huo Yuhao would have spat a mouthful of blood onto Xuan Ziwen’s face.

“Who’s afraid of that? I don’t believe it’s impossible to finish!” Huo Yuhao gave a defiant answer. After witnessing how powerful the Rain Dragon’s Dance Carving Technique was, Huo Yuhao was brimming with confidence.

The Ghostcarving Godly Blade was unbelievably powerful and mystical. Huo Yuhao not only made the outer shell yesterday, but also did a series of experiments with the blade. The result of his experiments proved that the blade was not only invincibly sharp, but also blind towards any element.

This meant that it was able to slice through any material effortlessly regardless of its element. Huo Yuhao believed that it would not be unfair to rank this as the number one carving blade after witnessing its dominating display. 

One must understand that it was of the utmost importance for soul engineers to understand the element and type of material that was being handled in order to apply the appropriate carving techniques during the construction of soul tools. Every different kind of rare metal had its own special set of considerations. They were all tough in different ways. Coupled with their specific element types, it was extraordinarily difficult for soul engineers to exact their designs onto these metals.

Powerful soul tools tended to utilize rare metals which were particularly strong and unorthodox. Their unorthodox characteristics usually meant they required unorthodox methods. That was why Class 9 soul engineers required the abilities of a nine-ringed Titled Douluo. It did not only require one to possess a Titled Douluo’s ability to use them, but also the copious amount of soul power to impress and carve on these rare metals. Most importantly, high level formation arrays required one to finish the entire construction process in a single attempt.

The Ghostcarving Godly Blade had undeniably solved this problem to a huge extent. Huo Yuhao no longer had to consider the different element types of the different rare metals, and this was enough to grant him a huge advantage in the construction of formation arrays. Besides, he had the support of the Rain Dragon’s Dance Carving Technique—an equally powerful carving technique.

Huo Yuhao held up the first diagram for the formation array and studied it carefully. One first had to understand the formation array in order to begin carving it. How was a soul engineer supposed to build something without understanding it? He or she would not know where to pay greater attention to.

And this studying of diagrams consumed almost half of the day.

Because Xuan Ziwen wanted to know what the mysterious method Huo Yuhao employed to build soul tools was, he planned to stay for the whole day to not only invigilate the process, but also to satiate his curiosity.

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