Volume 36, Chapter 515.2: The Seal on Tang Wutong's Body

Xuan Ziwen’s hands were trembling with rage. He Caitou rushed forward and attempted to console him, “Teacher Xuan, please don’t be angry! Little junior brother must be very tired to have fallen asleep like this.” He Caitou definitely knew why Xuan Ziwen would be so angry. He hated it when his disciples did not focus on the work at hand when making soul tools. And falling asleep was definitely the biggest sin!

Even if the person who was sleeping was Huo Yuhao, Xuan Ziwen would explode in rage. Or rather, it was precisely because the person who was sleeping was Huo Yuhao that caused Xuan Ziwen to fly into a rage. My poor little junior brother, why did you fall asleep? Even if you wanted to steal a nap, you should at least have been more careful, and not gotten caught!

If looks could kill, Huo Yuhao would probably have withered there and then. After glaring at Huo Yuhao, Xuan Ziwen started to look around as though he was looking for fighters who could help him beat Huo Yuhao up. Recognizing Xuan Ziwen’s actions, He Caitou stepped forward and hugged Xuan Ziwen before pleading, “Teacher Xuan, please don’t be rash! Please don’t be rash!”

Even at this stage,...

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