Volume 36, Chapter 514.1: Leaving Seclusion

Huo Yuhao discovered a mysterious glistening layer on top of the soul power in his Mysterious Heaven Technique. That glistening layer felt very mystical, as though it was a blend of white and black which merged with his soul power.

As his cultivation increased, Huo Yuhao’s soul power had transformed into a faint golden color. This was a product of the continual improvement of his abilities. While his soul power remained golden, there was now an additional membrane-like exterior on the outside of his soul power. This light membrane was formed from the black and white colors.

With this additional membrane, Huo Yuhao suddenly discovered a leap in the quality of his soul power. It had become a lot more refined, and seemed to be pulsating. The rhythm at which his soul power was pulsating appeared to be directly linked to the movement or activity of his soul. It was almost as if his spiritual energy and soul power had fused together. In other words, they were no longer distinct compounds, but the same kind of energy.

As he took a glance at Tang Wutong, Huo Yuhao realized that the soul power that Tang Wutong had integrated into...

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