Volume 36, Chapter 513.3: Godly Seat! Realm of the Gods!

The young man revealed an awkward expression as he hesitated before sighing. He replied, “I won’t lie to you. While there are plenty of advantages that come with being a God, you will suffer from the sense of loneliness. Those Gods who can reside peacefully in the God Realm for prolonged periods of time are those who can withstand loneliness. Because a God can get anything he or she wants in the God Realm, there is an unfortunate absence of bliss and happiness. After passing my Godly Seat to you, I will bring my family to look for another God Realm, and experience what life is in the worlds beyond that.”

“Another God Realm?!” Huo Yuhao blurted, “Hold on. There’s more than one God Realm out there?”

The young man with the golden hair smiled, “Of course. Our God Realm might control a hundred and eight worlds, but what about the other worlds? Our worlds are boundless, and I believe there must be other God Realms in the vast space out there. And that is what I hope to do—to journey out far beyond to find these realms. I have resided in this God Realm for many years, and continuing such a plain life is not what I...

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