Volume 36, Chapter 513.1: Godly Seat! Realm of the Gods!

Unless this is the work of an Ultimate Douluo who has hidden himself from the prying eyes of the public? And it can’t be just any Ultimate Douluo! He or she must be a spiritual-type Ultimate Douluo whose power far exceeds that of the Darkness Holy Dragon and the Death God Douluo! This is the only possible explanation! In fact, this Ultimate Douluo could very well be more powerful than the Beast God... If not, why would the Beast God fail to protect me when I possess his reverse scale? There can only be one answer: the Beast God is not aware of this.    

“Young fellow, stop guessing. Your guesses are all wrong.” Huo Yuhao heard a gentle voice from afar. Following which, he felt his senses turned inside out as everything that his soul could sense spiraled into a chaotic mess. He could feel a formless force transforming his surroundings into radiant colors before the colors started to pale into black and white. 

The black and white alternated continuously between one another as Huo Yuhao found himself morphing between countless forms. But regardless of how the external world changed, Huo Yuhao managed...

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