Volume 36, Chapter 512.1: The Three Ultimate Haodong Skills

What kind of soul skill is that, that it can do this?!

Of course, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t answer that. However, when his soul ring lit up, Tang Wutong was momentarily taken aback as she held his hand, and she subconsciously turned around to stare at him. A complicated look flashed through her eyes.

There were some disconnected memories in her mind, besides those that belong to Wang Dong’er, her childhood, and what happened afterwards; those pieces belonged to Wang Qiu’er. Currently, Huo Yuhao was using the soul skills that Wang Qiu’er had bestowed upon him, Spiritual Dispossession and Destiny’s Demise.

A black and white beam of light suddenly struck out across the sky, instantly striking Yan Shaozhe, who’d been hit with the Hexagon Array.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were the only ones who could see this black and white beam. The only thing the people spectating their battle could see was his Eye of Destiny, which had turned black and white, flashing faintly, and the air around them contorting slightly.

Yan Shaozhe felt chills run down his spine, while goosebumps broke out all over his body as a cold that chilled him to the bone coursed through his body. He was a Transcendent Douluo, and his senses were extremely sensitive; such a sinister change gave him a rude shock!

What kind of power was that?! It didn’t contain any offensive effects, but why does it make me feel so alarmed?

Tang Wutong used her next soul skill immediately after Huo Yuhao was finished.

Her second soul ring flickered, after which all the golden spots on her wings unleashed spheres of golden lights that blasted towards Yan Shaozhe.

Yan Shaozhe was surrounded by intense golden flames at this moment, and stepped out of her Hexagon Array. It was extremely difficult for Tang Wutong to hurt him with her soul skills considering the difference in their strength.

Yan Shaozhe waved his right hand through the air, and a strange layer of golden light blanketed the sky. Tang Wutong’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess disappeared into nothingness. However, the sense of danger that had given him goosebumps before was still present. 

What was that, exactly? Strong doubts surfaced in his mind, but he didn’t dare to hold back due to the sense of danger he felt. He took another step back and punched out towards Huo Yuhao.

It appeared that he was just simply throwing a punch through the air, but the entire Sparring Arena changed intensely as this punch charged forwards. At least, that was what Huo Yuhao could sense.

Huo Yuhao felt as if the space surrounding the punch had collapsed. Formidable restrictive forces pressed down on him from all directions, and squeezed him so hard that he almost couldn’t breathe. This was clearly just a punch through the air, but he felt like the fist had appeared in front of him in an instant, and it was akin to an enormous, majestic mountain hurtling towards him in an unstoppable manner.

This wasn’t a soul skill. Rather, it was Yan Shaozhe’s self-invented skill; a perfectly fused and formidable soul skill where he’d combined all the energies and forces within his body.

Huo Yuhao almost subconsciously wanted to use his Three Ultimate Haodong Skills. Of his self-invented soul skills, he rarely used the Goddess of Light, as it wasn’t as formidable as his Three Ultimate Haodong Skills. Furthermore, using the Goddess of Light after Dong’er vanished would immediately trigger his yearning for her.

However, the moment he attempted to focus and unleash his Three Ultimate Haodong skills, his entire being froze a little.

A long time had passed since he’d invented his Three Ultimate Haodong Skills, thus he was extremely familiar with how they were used. He could perfectly fuse his emotions, soul power, and spiritual power to attain powerful effects.

Theoretically, his Three Ultimate Haodong Skills should become even stronger with Haodong Power supporting him. However, when he attempted to unleash them, he realized with a sense of shock that he couldn’t use them anymore. This was a matter of ability; he simply couldn’t reach the emotional state required anymore.

The Three Ultimate Haodong Skills were The Fist of Remembrance, which contained a feeling of resurgence; The Sword of Longing, which would never be forgotten; and finally, The Haodong Palm, which would last for eternity. Every strike was based on, and completed, through his intense thoughts and yearning for Dong’er.

Huo Yuhao had to first channel intense longing for Dong’er when he used his Three Ultimate Haodong Skills before he could unleash them naturally.

But at this moment, Tang Wutong, who was also Wang Dong’er, was right next to him. With his lover right beside him, how could there be any longing? Just as he’d considered back then, his Three Ultimate Haodong Skills had become ineffective now that he’d found Dong’er again. Reality had proved his hypothesis, and he found that he could no longer use his Three Ultimate Haodong Skills.

That moment of hesitation was enough for Yan Shaozhe’s attack to arrive in front of him.

Tang Wutong and Huo Yuhao had fused their soul power, thus the two of them were acting as one. As such, Tang Wutong was the first to realize that something was wrong with Huo Yuhao.

She basically didn’t hesitate to take a step forwards and block for him. She raised her right hand over her head, and her eighth soul ring flashed.

Her entire body began to glow along side the light of her blood-red soul ring. She began to radiate a brilliant gold that carried circle after circle of bluish hues. She was like a small sun, with countless blue butterflies waltzing around her.

Intense bluish-gold colors transformed into an enormous pillar of light that met Yan Shaozhe’s fist.

When they met, an intense explosion occurred, making the entire Sparring Arena tremble. The various Elders who were maintaining the protective dome had to inject more power into it in order to ensure that they blocked all of the explosive soul power undulations inside.

Yan Shaozhe emerged from the explosion, while Tang Wutong stumbled backwards and fell into Huo Yuhao’s embrace.

The absolute gap in their strength had caused all the color to drain from her pretty face. Even though she hadn’t been heavily injured, the soul power in her body had been riled up, and ripples from their Haodong Power meant she and Huo Yuhao could feel their blood surging.

Meanwhile, a look of surprise had appeared in Yan Shaozhe’s eyes. Tang Wutong’s attack hadn’t been that simple. Even though he’d gained the upper hand, Yan Shaozhe could still feel his soul power trembling after clashing with her. He had to expend quite a bit of spiritual power to get his soul power back under control.

That concussive power…

Yan Shaozhe was the Dean of Shrek Academy’s Martial Soul Department, and had spent his entire life investigating different kinds of soul skills. He could immediately tell what was so frightening about the soul skill that Tang Wutong had just used.

If it wasn’t for his absolute advantage in terms of cultivation, and the fact that Tang Wutong didn’t seem very familiar with this soul skill, the outcome could’ve been quite different...

Yan Shaozhe was a Rank 97 Transcendent Douluo, while Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong could only barely reach Rank 90 with their Haodong Power. However, because their martial souls were very powerful, and because there were two of them, their ‘Rank 90’ was more formidable than typical Titled Douluo.

But in the end, the gap between them was just too large. There was an insurmountable gap between a Titled Douluo and a Transcendent Douluo!

If both parties had the same level of soul power, of if Tang Wutong had gained the upper hand, then the soul skill that she had just used would have been extremely terrifying with its full strength unleashed.

It had a high temperature, it contained the element of light, and it was very powerful. These three different elements were then combined, their degree of fusion comparable to that of a self-invented soul skill.

Yan Shaozhe seemed like he’d defended against the attack easily. However, the truth was, while he was very powerful, he was also adept with the element of light. His Radiant Phoenix possessed light and heat as two of its most salient characteristics, thus he had a natural resistance when defending against Tang Wutong’s attack. But what if someone else had been her opponent? The situation would probably have had an entirely different outcome.

She fell gently, but Huo Yuhao felt an intense heartache. Tang Wutong had forcibly taken this hit for him because of his error, so how could he not be upset with himself for his mistake?

Huo Yuhao subconsciously wrapped his arms around Tang Wutong’s slim waist, his three eyes simultaneously bursting with light. His will to fight had truly been ignited.

Huo Yuhao took a deep breath, before grabbing Tang Wutong with one hand, and slowly raised his other. His seven soul rings suddenly became eight, and an intense blizzard rapidly descended upon the Sparring Arena.

The temperature of the arena fell to an extremely low degree almost instantaneously, and Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong disappeared within the blizzard.

The Snow Empress’ Three Ultimate Techniques: The Empress’ Sword, The Empress’ Palm, and The Empress’ Chill. This was a fusion of The Empress’ Chill and his Domain of Perpetual Ice into his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice.

After absorbing the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence, the temperatures that Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice could reach were much more terrifying than before.

Su Tong’s martial soul was an Icesky Snow Lady, and was also a martial soul with Ultimate Ice, but she was still a far cry from Huo Yuhao in terms of how cold she could make her Ultimate Ice. It was why she’d immediately admitted defeat after seeing Huo Yuhao freeze the entire surface of the Sea God’s Lake.

A temperature more than two hundred degrees below zero permeated the entire Sparring Arena almost instantly, and even Yan Shaozhe shivered, despite his cultivation.

The advantage that Ultimate martial souls held became increasingly obvious as their cultivation increased. Yan Shaozhe’s martial was the Radiant Phoenix, and was adept with both light and fire. At the very least, Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice could counter his element of fire.

No matter how profound or wild his Radiant Phoenix martial was, the flames that his martial soul granted him contained the Fire of Light, not Ultimate Fire. As such, he didn’t have an advantage against Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice.

Yan Shaozhe’s grew serious for the first time; he could feel that Huo Yuhao was fully concentrated at this point.

Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t be afraid of Huo Yuhao, who was still a child in his eyes. However, that feeling of danger from before still hadn’t disappeared and seemed to be plaguing him. This made him a little more careful, as the unknown was the most frightening.

Blazing phoenix flames erupted out from Yan Shaozhe. What he wanted to do was very simple.

In Shrek Academy’s lessons about soul master battles, there was a class about advantage. The first thing that soul masters had to do when battling each other was unleash their respective strengths and advantages as much as possible to suppress their opponent. What was Yan Shaozhe’s greatest advantage against Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong? His soul power! There was an insurmountable gap in their ranks of soul power!

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