Volume 36, Chapter 510.3: You Still Have to Go Through My Father

“Ah?” Huo Yuhao almost vomited blood. This is a conspiracy! This is such a devious plot!

He could clearly smell a conspiracy, and it was a conspiracy indeed. He had just found Dong’er, Tang Wutong, yesterday, and today’s test was so incredibly difficult. They were even using Tang Wutong to threaten him. So treacherous! This is just too treacherous!

“Elder Xuan, are you sure that’s right? Teacher Wang Yan and senior sister Han Ruoruo…” Huo Yuhao tried to talk back.

Elder Xuan said casually, “After they got together, Han Ruoruo immediately took her graduation test and passed it. She’s now a teacher in the academy, so there’s no problem with her status. You can do the same if you pass the graduation test!”

Huo Yuhao was as gloomy as ever. “Then is my test the same as senior sister Han?”

Elder Xuan maintained his casual tone as he said, “Why do you keep asking such foolish questions, child? What is our academy’s mission? To nurture monsters, not normal people, right? Since that’s the case, won’t our students receive different graduation tests? Graduation tests for the inner courtyard’s students are different for every person,...

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