Chapter 51.3: The Butterfly Goddess Slash and the Berserk White Tiger

Book 8: Advancing to the Second Year

Chapter 51.3: The Butterfly Goddess Slash and the Berserk White Tiger

Wang Dong was extremely dejected, but there wasn’t much he could do. He had no choice but to step down from the stage with his head lowered. Despite his disappointment however, 100 points in the advancement test was already an extremely high score. Not many students received such a score, even from previous years. On top of this, he’d defeated a thousand year soul beast! Indeed, Yan Shaozhe and Du Weilun had been severe on the surface, but they were still very pleased in their hearts. They had only deducted so many points from Wang Dong’s score because they didn’t want him to become too arrogant.

Wang Dong returned to Huo Yuhao’s side, then said with a dejected look, “That was too unfair. I can’t believe they actually deducted so many points from my score.”

Huo Yuhao replied in a low voice, “Forget it. Your score is more than enough to guarantee that we won’t lose the bet. Leave the rest to me; don’t worry about a thing. Moreover, it wasn’t really that unfair. What do you think your chances of victory would’ve been if you hadn’t had my Spiritual Detection?”

Wang Dong stuck his tongue out at Huo Yuhao, then said, “Probably less than 30%. That big fellow wasn’t just difficult to deal with, he was also extremely sly. Hmph, you only need 30 points to pass this test. In other words, Dai Huabin will have to get a score of at least 130 points in order to have a shot at victory. I refuse to believe that he’ll be so much better than me.”

One must know that Dai Huabin didn’t have someone like Huo Yuhao that could secretly aid him! Wang Dong also knew that, in a one-on-one fight, he was no match for Dai Huabin. From another point of view, his Radiant Butterfly Goddess martial soul was a combination of the assault and agility systems, while Dai Huabin’s White Tiger martial soul was both the purest and the strongest assault type martial soul. In a direct fight, unless he had something such as Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection Sharing that could help him foresee his enemy’s actions, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

Of the freshmen this year with the highest battle prowess… Dai Huabin—the son of the White Tiger Duke—was certainly one of the most talented.

“Year 2 Class 2, Dai Huabin.” Dai Huabin’s powerful voice suddenly echoed outwards. The advancement test had yet to begin, yet his body had already begun emitting a firm, steely aura. As such, he seemed like a volcano about to erupt.

Yan Shaozhe’s eyes lit up up when he saw this. He said to the nearby Du Weilun, “Is this the strongest student in Year 2?”

Du Weilun nodded and replied, “The White Tiger Duke’s posterity is truly outstanding. His natural talent is actually even a bit higher than his older brother’s, who didn’t have this level of cultivation at his age. Furthermore, I’ve heard from Mu Jin that he’s put much more effort into cultivating than his peers. Based on his current cultivation speed, it’s extremely likely that he’ll break through to the Soul Ancestor level in one to one-and-a-half years. If that really does happen, he’ll go down in history within the academy.”

“It’s not that easy to become a Soul Ancestor,” Yan Shaozhe said with a faint smile, “however, this child truly is outstanding. Let’s keep an eye on his performance.”

Dai Huabin didn’t wait for the referee as he announced, “I choose a thousand year soul beast.”

Based on Wang Dong’s precedent, the referees weren’t surprised by Dai Huabin’s choice. Once they’d asked Dai Huabin if he was ready, they immediately sent out his opponent.

Coincidentally, Dai Huabin’s opponent was extremely similar to his martial soul.

A low roar echoed as a nimble, two meter-long, tiger-like soul beast leapt out of the beast cage.

Once it had leapt out of the iron cage and landed, it began to carefully observe the nearby Dai Huabin. Its body was pale-yellow, and had long, dark-green stripes running through its fur. Its figure was a bit smaller than the Flaming Demon Tiger that Huo Yuhao had seen, but it appeared to be more agile. Its two eyes emitted a dark-green radiance as it observed Dai Huabin. It was a Wind Tiger—one of the fastest amongst wind-attributed tiger-type soul beasts.

The Wind Tiger seemed to realize that there was a dangerous aura coming from Dai Huabin’s body, as it didn’t move forward, but instead began to move laterally. It was obviously planning to use its speed in order to probe its enemy’s abilities and strength. Its four paws trailed along the ground as if it were cotton; they didn’t make a single sound.

The dangerous aura emanating from Dai Huabin’s body suddenly lessened, which caused the Wind Tiger to charge. However, Dai Huabin didn’t even release his White Tiger martial soul when he saw this. This action left the referees surprised. What was this student trying to do?

After gauging the situation, the thousand year Wind Tiger judged that the threat represented by Dai Huabin wasn’t all that great. A green light flickered through its eyes as its four paws were suddenly pressed flat against the ground. Afterward, its body suddenly accelerated towards Dai Huabin like an arrow. It looked like a green bolt of lightning as it pounced towards Dai Huabin, as its speed was much faster than other, similarly wind-attributed soul beasts. Needless to say, its attack power was also many times stronger as well. Wolves and tigers were already on two different levels, let alone a hundred year soul beast and a thousand year one.

The distance between the two parties was almost instantly reduced. The Wind Tiger’s two front paws opened in midair as it flashed forwards, which revealed its sharp claws. The tiger shot proceeded to shoot ten foot-long blades of wind towards Dai Huabin as it shot towards him. Its trailed behind the blades it had sent towards Dai Huabin, as its body was the strongest weapon it had at its disposal. The sharp claws at the end of the tiger’s palms glittered with green glint as it approached Dai Huabin as well, which caused a large amount of wind-type soul power to fluctuate as they cut through the air. This in turn made its claws gain even more penetrating power.

Despite being faced with the attack of a thousand year Wind Tiger, Dai Huabin still didn’t evade. Instead, the roar of a tiger suddenly echoed; he had at last released his White Tiger martial soul. Once he had, he immediately attacked the Wind Tiger fearlessly. His fighting style was different from Wang Dong’s, however. What he relied on wasn’t skill, but absolute strength, as both his first and third soul rings simultaneously lit up.

Dai Huabin’s body suddenly began to emit the aura of a White Tiger now that he’d released his martial soul, which caused the thousand year Wind Tiger to involuntary show a panic-stricken expression. The White Tiger stood at the apex amongst tiger-type soul beast; wild White Tigers were considered kings amongst tiger-type soul beasts. This Wind Tiger, however, was now in midair. Even if it were faster, it still wouldn’t be able to dodge in its current situation. It would have to wait until the end of its attack to display its superior speed.

Dai Huabin’s thousand year soul skill caused his body to suddenly expand; it reached its peak condition instantaneously. Under normal circumstances, when he used his third soul skill, he would require a certain amount of time in order to complete this transformation. Despite this, he had reduced that time to the minimum; one could imagine what kind of toll this had on his body. If one were to look at his outward expression however, they wouldn’t notice anything amiss.

Dai Huabin's White Tiger Shield began to emit a layer of white light now that he’d activated his White Tiger Vajra Transformation, while his tiger-like claws turned golden.

The spectators all thought that Dai Huabin should’ve first tried to resist the thousand year Wind Tiger’s attack before he attempted to counterattack. He didn’t plan on doing that however. What he planned to do was something that the average person would never attempt.

Dai Huabin didn’t pay any attention to the ten wind blades approaching him. He also ignored the two powerful tiger claws filled with destructive power closing in on him. Instead, he aimed at the Wind Tiger’s head with both of his claws. If one were to see this, one would simply think that it was suicidal!

Even the widely-experienced Yan Shaozhe and Du Weilun were greatly surprised by his actions. Was this really the fighting style of a twelve-year-old? He looked even more ferocious than a soul beast!

At this point, the Wind Tiger had already been influenced by the White Tiger’s aura released by Dai Huabin. Because of this, it had become somewhat scared.

The wind blades it had flung towards Dai Huabin struck his body one after another. Even though the White Tiger Shield had been strengthened by the White Tiger’s Vajra Transformation, it wasn’t able to completely nullify ten successive strikes from a thousand year soul beast. Bloodstains appeared on Dai Huabin’s shoulders and chest, yet this didn’t even cause him to flinch; it was as if he couldn’t feel any pain. After they were weakened by his White Tiger Shield, the Wind Tiger’s wind blades were only able to leave a few superficial wounds on his body.

Both Dai Huabin and the Wind Tiger’s claws closed in on each other at the same speed. However, based on the time they’d attacked and their arm’s lengths, it seemed like the Wind Tiger’s claws would reach Dai Huabin first.

This was a battle of brute force! Who would win?

When two tigers meet each other, the most valiant will win!

The Wind Tiger was already somewhat scared. When it saw that it was about to collide with Dai Huabin, it promptly retracted its claws and tried to grab ahold of his arms; It wanted to stop its opponent’s attack.

However, Dai Huabin had already displayed this sort of reckless fighting style. How could he possibly be scared? He suddenly released a deafeningly loud roar. This roar contained the dignity of the king of the beasts, and if one were to look into the Wind Tiger’s eyes, they would notice that its pupils had instantaneously widened. Under the effect of his mental counterattack, the speed of its claws immediately slowed down by a bit. At the same time, Dai Huabin suddenly infused his legs with strength, which caused his body to shoot forwards like an arrow.

By doing this, he made it so that the Wind Tiger’s claws would only hit his shoulders, while at the same time making it so that his own claws would gain even more speed.

“Peng––” The Wind Tiger’s claws smashed into Dai Huabin’s shoulders. At the same time, its pupils shrank as Dai Huabin’s two golden claws ruthlessly smashed towards the Wind Tiger’s head from both sides.

At that moment, their fearful fight had reached its peak. The Wind Tiger’s muffled groan echoed outwards. The moment it was about to be hit, it suddenly opened its jaws wide in a last ditch attempt to bite Dai Huabin’s palms.

However, Dai Huabin was determined to win; would this really make him stop? He recklessly smashed his claws into the Wind Tiger’s mouth, ripping apart the Wind Tiger’s cheek muscles, the Wind Tiger’s sharp teeth piercing his palms in the process. Despite this, he managed to grab hold of the Wind Tiger’s long, sharp teeth and break its jaw so that it couldn’t close its mouth.

At this time, his second soul ring suddenly lit up, which caused a ball of white light to ruthlessly explode inside of the Wind Tiger’s open mouth. This was the White Tiger’s Fierce Light Wave!

“Stop.” Du Weilun’s voice echoed from atop the high platform. The two had fought for only a short time, yet the victor and the loser were already clear.

However, Dai Huabin was already brimming with killing intent. In his mind, what he was fighting wasn’t the Wind Tiger, but Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong. He took advantage of the fact that the Wind Tiger was still in a daze in order to arch his body backwards and cut open its soft abdomen, while at the same time, he used his claws to tear the tiger’s lower jaw apart with a cracking sound. Its stomach was cut open at the same instant as he tore apart its jaw.

As the Wind Tiger’s body lay atop of Dai Huabin with its belly cut open, Dai Huabin immediately became drenched in blood.

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