Volume 36, Chapter 508.1: A Blind Date Alone?

Zhang Lexuan looked at Huo Yuhao again before continuing, “Because we have a phenomenal member of the Sea God’s Pavilion here today, we have decided to make some amendments to the usual rules for our Sea God’s Fated Blind Date in order to make it fair for everyone. Now that we have reached this segment, I suggest that we allow this esteemed member of the Sea God’s Pavilion to proceed with all remaining segments first. All female students will be allowed to select him as your preferred candidate, but rest assured that all of you would still be able to select other candidates subsequently. This new measure will ensure a certain degree of fairness for the other male candidates. After all, even the Eye of the Asura can only leave with a single Sea God’s Fairy.”

After Zhang Lexuan finished her speech, she won the applause and praise of all the other male students.

After all, who could compete with the Eye of the Asura? With him around, there was no way that the girls would choose anyone else! Even if there were some who did not show any interest in him, they were definitely in the minority. Since the original rules of the third round dictated that all of the girls could only choose their preferred male student once, this would mean that they would not be able to choose anyone else after selecting Huo Yuhao. Because Huo Yuhao ultimately could only leave with one person, this would be massively unfair for the rest of the young men. If the rules were not changed, wouldn’t they end up being sideshows for Huo Yuhao’s performance?  

Hence, Zhang Lexuan’s suggestion was timely, and immensely well-received by everyone.

Huo Yuhao replied to Zhang Lexuan with a resigned tone, “Eldest senior sister, why must you push me into the limelight… But since things have come to this, I’ll just go on and complete the remaining segments. Let’s not hold up the Blind Date for the others.”

After coming to terms with his current situation, he just wanted to complete the segments as quickly as possible and retire to prepare for tomorrow’s test.

Zhang Lexuan nodded and announced, “Alright, now let us begin the third segment, which will be specially conducted for the Eye of the Asura. Ladies, you may now begin to select him as your preferred candidate. If you have the slightest bit of inclination towards him, I would urge you not to miss this great opportunity. He will begin his graduation examination tomorrow, which means this will be his last time participating in our Fated Blind Date!” 

Huo Yuhao was stunned after hearing Zhang Lexuan’s words. Is Eldest Senior Sister dead-set on messing up my world?

The way to indicate interest was still the same as before, to leave their lamp on for him. As everyone had expected, because the ladies had two chances to leave their lamps on, all of the lamps present were left lit for him!

Huo Yuhao was simply the brightest star among the other students around him. To soul masters, one’s ability would always be more important than one’s looks. Furthermore, Huo Yuhao was not bad-looking. Even the haughtiest ladies from the inner courtyard could not help but marvel at his fabled experiences.

Hence, they all mustered their courage to give themselves a chance at being paired with the Eye of the Asura. After all, even if they were not chosen by him, they had nothing to lose because they could always choose another candidate.

Despite seeing all sixteen lamps lit for him, Huo Yuhao was surprisingly calm. He knew that he was just going through the motions. The stares from the crowd would not be able to do anything to him. So what if all the lamps were still lit? There was only room for Dong’er and Dong’er alone in his heart. He knew he just had to let them run the show, and he would leave immediately after everything ended.

Zhang Lexuan and Han Ruoruo glanced at the sixteen lamps and nodded gently.

Han Ruoruo announced, “After Mutual Feelings, Love at First Sight and Love at Second Sight, it’s time to let fate decide the romance for our next three lives! Hence, our fourth segment is called Destined In Three Lives! During this segment, I urge the other male students to pay attention to the proceedings. After all, it will be your turn very soon!  

“During this segment, the ladies will take turns making their way to the one they have selected to introduce themselves. Huo Yuhao, please take a step forward. Even though some of you, and I believe all of you know who I’m referring to, have plenty of charisma and are capable of attracting more than one female student, I must offer all of you an important reminder. At the end of this segment, if any of the male students are to end up without any interest from a single female student, I’m sorry, but you will have to leave our Fated Blind Date. The rest of the young men will proceed to the final segment.”

It was one thing to select a male student as your preferred partner; it was another to possess the courage to step forward and confess to him. Under normal circumstances, Love at Second Sight was the segment where the female students would express their interest in the male students. However, it was only when the young women stepped forward and confessed courageously that everyone could determine how sincere their feelings were.

Hence, Destined in Three Lives could very well be the most important segment.

“Alright! Now let us give our female students three minutes to make up their minds. After three minutes, all of you must make your decision. As of now, I can see that most of you admire Huo Yuhao, and that is definitely understandable. After all, he is really outstanding. However, I must say that he isn’t a guy who is suitable for every girl. When a guy is too outstanding, you must ask yourself if you possess the ability to hold his attention. While you still have a chance to continue with the Fated Blind Date after getting rejected by Huo Yuhao, the other male students will have taken note of your earlier decision regarding him. Hence, I urge all of our Sea God’s Fairies to think twice before you make your decision. Your three minutes begin now!”

Huo Yuhao gently controlled the lilypad beneath his feet and glided out gracefully before everyone. It appeared eldest senior sister had helped alleviate some of the worries on his mind. The worst thing that could have happened was for him to spoil the entire atmosphere at the Fated Blind Date. That would have been terrible!

The best thing would be for everyone to not select him. He would then be able to go through the entire process peacefully and smoothly.

After hearing Zhang Lexuan’s words, many female students began to question themselves. Am I able to occupy a place in Huo Yuhao’s heart? Even though standing firm on their decision would grant them an opportunity to be with him, it was apparent that the chances were extremely slim. In fact, they had noticed that Huo Yuhao’s face was fairly emotionless, and he had not even focused his eyes on any of them so far.

It was only during the time he had lifted up Tang Wutong’s bamboo hat that he had revealed a shocked expression. But even then, he had regained his composure very quickly. In fact, the way he left Tang Wutong behind looked as though he was trying to escape from her...

Most of the young women felt that they could not hold a candle to Tang Wutong. If Wutong could not attract Huo Yuhao, they were definitely not confident in their looks or ability. An overly outstanding guy could very easily make a lady insecure. All of the female students in the inner courtyard were not dumb, and while they hesitated over their decision initially, they made up their minds very quickly. 

Three minutes passed very quickly, and Han Ruoruo spoke. “Time’s up! Now we will begin with Destined in Three Lives. Because of Huo Yuhao’s special circumstances, we will first begin by determining how many of you are willing to select him as your preferred male student. Afterwards, we will begin with the self-introductions. Now, I will extinguish all of the lamps, and when I say begin, please light your lamps if you want to choose Huo Yuhao as your preferred partner.”

“Hold on,”came a voice from the crowd. The person who spoke was none other than Tang Wutong.

Han Ruoruo said, “Wutong, is there a problem?”

Tang Wutong nodded, and glided forward on her lilypad. She left the area illuminated by the beam of light before turning around to face the fifteen other ladies. 

“Sisters, I have a request to make. I’m only here today for one person. And thus, I hope all of you can give me this chance. Can all of you do me this favor?”

Her words might have appeared to be a little ambiguous, but it was plain for everyone to see what she meant. Even though she spoke slowly, most of the ladies could sense the anxiety and desperation in her words.

Zhang Lexuan frowned and spoke, “Wutong, it’s not right for you to pressure others to give up on Huo Yuhao. It’s not fair to the rest of them.”

Tang Wutong took a deep breath before replying, “I’m sorry, Eldest Senior Sister! But, I… I…” She suddenly stopped speaking as her emotions became increasingly muddled.

And to everyone’s surprise, she bowed before all of the other female students and apologized, “I’m sorry… I was too anxious… Let’s treat it as though I didn’t say anything. Let’s continue with the proceedings.” Following which, she controlled her lilypad and glided back to her previous position. Her head was now lowered as her eyebrows were locked into a deep frown. No one was sure what was on her mind, but they could all tell that she seemed to be in some sort of pain.

After observing how she had acted, Huo Yuhao was similarly shocked. What’s going on? It can’t be because of me, right…? Wutong, you better not be like Qiu’er… My heart belongs to someone already…

Zhang Lexuan spoke sternly, “I want to remind all of you to not act in the same way as Tang Wutong did. Whoever messes up the proceedings of the Fated Blind Date will be kicked out. Let’s ignore what she said and continue with the proceedings. Can we now extinguish the lights from the lamps?”

The sixteen beams of light vanished, and all sixteen female students were enshrouded in darkness.

“We now invite our female students to make their decisions. For those who are willing to introduce yourselves and display your abilities to Huo Yuhao, you may now light your lamp!” Han Ruoruo announced authoritatively.

The first golden light appeared from Tang Wutong.

A cold feeling gripped Huo Yuhao’s heart. Wutong, why…?

Following that, three other lamps lit up. Two of the lamps belonged to two women who up until now had not lifted their bamboo hats. The last light belonged to an extremely beautiful female student. Even though she paled a little in comparison to Tang Wutong, she was still undeniably very attractive.     

It was clear that the ladies who ended up choosing Huo Yuhao possessed immense courage, and the confidence to challenge their main competitor: Tang Wutong!

Zhang Lexuan nodded and spoke, “It seems like we have four Fairies who have chosen Huo Yuhao. Can I invite all four of you to step forward?”

The four lilypads floated forward until they were fifty meters in front of Huo Yuhao.

Zhang Lexuan announced, “Since Tang Wutong messed up earlier, she will be the last to introduce herself. We shall now invite our female students to take turns and introduce themselves to Huo Yuhao. The order will go like this: Fairy #3, #6, #11, and then finally #8. So without further ado, let us invite Sea God’s Fairy #3 to begin her introduction. Fairy #3, you have yet to remove your bamboo hat. Would you like to remove it now?”

“I would like to remove it now.” The voice of Fairy #3 was bright and loud. She lifted her hand and removed her bamboo hat.

This young woman’s figure was very balanced, and exuded a very feminine kind of attractiveness. Her face only had a thin layer of makeup, and her big eyes were very attractive. Her short hair coupled with her brows gave her the look of a very beautiful heroine.

Zhang Lexuan announced, “You may now begin your introduction!”

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