Volume 36, Chapter 507.2: I'm Only Here to Show My Face

As he had no choice, he could only take the hat off. To avoid a scenario where the female student had forgotten to stop him, he purposely slowed down. If she resisted even a little, he would immediately let go and put the hat back.

However, things didn’t go as he wished. From start to finish, she had no intention of laying her hands on him. She let him take off her hat and reveal her true appearance.

There was a long veil below the hat. Huo Yuhao only shifted the veil away after he lifted it up over the top of her face. It was only then that he saw her appearance.

His hand went stiff. Initially, he appeared very helpless. However, he was fixated on the girl right now. Even the ice under his feet started to crack, and seemed like it would buckle at any time.

In front of him was a cheeky-looking face. The girl looked like a fairy that had descended onto the mortal world, illuminated by the beam of golden light, and accentuated by her long, white dress.

Her pinkish-blue hair flowed out behind her. There were complex undulations in her flawless eyes. Her exquisite, porcelain-like face reflected a golden glow. Every part of her was perfect, so perfect that she left those watching breathless. At this instant, all the Sea God Fairies around her paled in comparison. It was like the beam of golden light reflecting off her face was the only thing shining so brightly.

Not far away, the other young men who had joined the Fated Blind Date were all stunned. At this moment, they couldn’t be bothered looking at anyone else. In their eyes, there was only this Sea God’s Fairy.

Huo Yuhao’s hand was trembling as he held the bamboo hat. His eyes revealed strong emotions surging through him. 

“Dong’er!” he exclaimed unwittingly and the ice under him quickly froze up even more. This spread, and all the Sea God’s Fairies suddenly felt the surface beneath them harden. They no longer needed to worry about their lotus leaves flipping over.

Huo Yuhao’s breathing had quickened. His lips were trembling too.

Ever since he had come to this Fated Blind Date, he had begun to yearn for Wang Dong’er more and more. Right now, he felt as if he had returned to many years ago, after seeing this girl who looked identical to Wang Dong’er. He had returned to that beautiful and unforgettable night.

Dong’er, my Dong’er, are you back?

He threw the bamboo hat away and couldn’t believe his eyes. Right now, his mind was in turmoil. He didn’t even know what to do.

“I’m Tang Wutong?” She sounded both cold and emotional at the same time, and brought the overly-excited Huo Yuhao back to earth with her words.

Tang Wutong! Yes! She’s Tang Wutong...

Huo Yuhao was as stunned as if cold water had been poured on him. When he saw that familiar face and curly hair, it dawned on him that she was Tang Wutong. Yes! She’s Tang Wutong. Dong’er has straight hair. Only Qiu’er and the Goddess of Light in my heart have curly hair. She’s Tang Wutong. She’s not Dong’er.

Tang Wutong just stared at Huo Yuhao and saw how he turned from being extremely delighted to disappointed. He seemed to have lost his soul in his heartache.

But, I’m Tang Wutong! I’m really not Wang Dong’er, or Wang Qiu’er. I’m Tang Wutong!

Huo Yuhao had been through a lot in his life. After a brief moment of emotional turmoil, he still managed to clear his mind eventually. He mocked himself and nodded at Tang Wutong. After that, he fled without another word. He quickly returned to his place in the last row.

He didn’t even try to talk to her? When they saw this, the male students in the inner courtyard were all astonished.

An absolute beauty who had let him take off her bamboo hat! What did that mean? This meant she was interested in him! However, he didn’t even say anything, and left just like that?

“Wow, so beautiful, so beautiful!”

Those from the outer courtyard could see what was going on using telescopic soul tools. Tang Wutong immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Yes, she was too beautiful. No matter who it was, she was the focus of all attention.

Han Ruoruo and Zhang Lexuan looked at one another, and Zhang Lexuan nodded at Han Ruoruo.

“It’s the second segment next!” Han Ruoruo said loudly, “After the first segment, it’s time for the female students to express who they are interested in. The second segment is called Love at First Sight! 

“The rules are very simple. Every female student has a button to control the soul lamp below her. They can light their lamps for every male student. As long as they keep a lamp on for a male student, that male student can remain for the next segment. However, those who don’t make it will have to leave. Before the second segment starts, we’ll arrange the male students in terms of the number of bamboo hats they removed earlier.”

Among the five segments of the Sea God’s Fated Blind Date, the second segment took the least amount of time. However, it was a major test for the male students. They would be eliminated, no matter how strong or outstanding, if no female student left her light on for them. After all, there were many more male students than female students. As a result, this segment was used as a means of simplifying the process of the Fated Blind Date.

Huo Yuhao was originally in the last row, and wanted to remain there. However, since he had taken off Tang Wutong’s bamboo hat and there were only eight people who managed to do the same, he was in the first row now. The first Soul Sage who had taken off eight bamboo hats was to his right in the first row.

“All Sea God’s Fairies, please consider your options carefully. You will be given one minute. You must think carefully! Furthermore, let me emphasize that if you don’t leave a light on for any of the male students, it will mean that you are giving up on this event.”

The female students each had their own plans. They were all separated, and seemed very quiet now. No one knew who they were interested in.


A minute passed very quickly. At Zhang Lexuan’s signal, Han Ruoruo continued to emcee.

“Alright, our second segment is about to begin. First, all Sea God’s Fairies, please leave your lights on for the male students. In this second segment, it doesn’t mean that you are choosing someone if you leave your light on for him. You can give him a chance if you have a good impression of him. At the same time, you are giving yourself a chance. I’m sure the other party will take note of you if you leave a light on for him.”

The first to face the test was the Soul Sage who had taken off eight bamboo hats earlier.

“Three, two, one. Please light your lamps for the first male student.”

Almost instantly, half of the lamps were extinguished. After this, a few other lamps were extinguished.

The first male student’s heart was in his throat now. No matter how strong he was, he had to leave this stage if no female students chose him. Right now, he regretted going overboard earlier. His impression among the female students had fallen dramatically after female student eight called him perverted.

Fortunately, he was a Soul Sage, which still made him attractive. Furthermore, they were all inner courtyard disciples. At the very least, they were still acquainted with him. Finally, five lamps remained lit. He was fortunately not eliminated...

The rest of the male students started to get nervous after seeing that the first of them being dealt such a huge blow right from the start. God knew what the female students were thinking...

There were too many young men! There were sixteen female students, but thirty-six male students. The ladies in the inner courtyard were very popular. A nervous atmosphere quickly clouded the entire lake.

However, the male students in the first row performed well in the first round. They were the strongest of the young men. As for the next few young men who stepped up, more than half the female students kept their lights on for each of them.

The second segment carried on very quickly. Although Huo Yuhao was in a rather backward position in the first row, it was soon his turn.

“Next, let’s leave our lamps on for the male student in the eighth position. Three, two, one, begin.”

Huo Yuhao was still in a bit of a daze. He had mistaken Tang Wutong for Wang Dong’er, which was a huge blow to him. His yearning for Wang Dong’er was at its greatest right now, leaving him feeling very weak. He only wanted to quickly leave this place and return to his quarters, and just hoped that all the lights would be extinguished. That way, he could just directly leave.

However, things didn’t go as planned. None of the sixteen lamps were extinguished. They were all left lit for him.

Not to mention Huo Yuhao himself, even Zhang Lexuan and Han Ruoruo were astonished.

It was important to note that Huo Yuhao didn’t perform too impressively earlier, even though he had taken Tang Wutong’s bamboo hat off. Instead, he was the least eye-catching. Why did the ladies leave their lamps on for him? What was going on?

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