Volume 36, Chapter 507.1: I'm Only Here to Show My Face

Zhang Lexuan said, “The Sea God’s Fated Blind Date on the Sea God’s Lake. Tonight, we’re going to hold our annual Sea God’s Fated Blind Date again. I believe everyone has been waiting for a long time. 

“The Blind Date will be divided into five segments. Everyone, be prepared! Let me emphasize once more: once you drop into the water, you’ll be out no matter whether you’re a guy or a girl!

“We’ll also choose the most beautiful Sea God’s Fairy and the luckiest guy. However, what you need to do is to first unveil the Sea God’s Fairies. This is also the first step the male students have to take to demonstrate their abilities.”

Han Ruoruo continued after this, “That’s right! In that case, let’s begin our first segment, Mutual Feelings. We’ll begin from the left side of the first row. Every male student can do their best to demonstrate their abilities and try to remove the bamboo hat on a female student’s head. However, you better not go overboard with your actions. Otherwise, the female students might not be polite, and retaliate. I can only pretend that I didn’t see anything if that happens. In addition, don’t fall into the water, just like eldest senior sister mentioned!

“First male student, you can begin!”

The moment Han Ruoruo stopped talking, the first male student drifted up. His seven soul rings shone brightly. Obviously, he was a Soul Sage from the inner courtyard. He flew into the air without aid and proceeded in the direction of the veiled young women.

Huo Yuhao had regained his focus by now. As he saw the flying male student, he nodded in approval. The abilities of inner courtyard students are still as strong as ever. This male student seems to be slightly bigger than me. I think he’s an agility-type soul master. He’s really quick. No wonder he was able to snatch first place.

A hundred meters was a short distance to cover for a Soul Sage. This young man had evidently been to past Fated Blind Dates before. Just as he was about to reach the veiled girls, he lifted both his hands abruptly, and a gust of strong wind generated from his soul power instantly swept diagonally upward. At the same time, this gust of wind was blowing the dresses and bamboo hats off of the female students.

This was a cunning move. What would the young women choose when their dresses and bamboo hats were being blown up at the same time?

Exclamations could be heard. Some of the less experienced female students instantly pressed down their dresses, and forgot to use their own soul skills. Their bamboo hats were immediately blown off their heads.

There were sixteen of them in total. In just a matter of seconds, half of the female students’ bamboo hats were already blown off, and their actual appearances were revealed.

“Sorry, juniors and seniors!” the young man laughed. There was even a perverted look in his eyes. He turned around in the air and didn’t even try to remove the bamboo hats of the remaining girls, just making ready to leave.

“Pervert!” someone shouted angrily. Among the female students, one of them in a relatively central position suddenly lifted her hand in his direction. It didn’t seem like she had used a soul skill. She only punched her fist out,and a low-pitched dragon’s roar arose. A golden ball of energy shaped like a fist was unleashed towards the sly male student.

Her bamboo hat hadn’t been removed Themale student was delighted right now. The ball of energy was about to strike him, but he wasn’t too bothered, because the aura of that female student wasn’t very strong.

He used both his hands to resist it and almost wanted to rely on its momentum to send the strike back. However, he immediately sensed something amiss when his palms touched the ball of energy.

There was an extremely fierce and domineering undulation of soul power within that ball of energy. It immediately blew apart when he touched it!

Even though he used a defensive soul skill to protect himself, he was still flung away from the explosion. His protective soul skill was destroyed, and he crashed towards the water surface free fall.

However, he was an inner courtyard disciple, after all. He took a deep breath and stabilized the surging energy in his body. A pair of silver wings instantly opened up on his back. He fluttered them gently before he managed to rapidly return and land gently on a lotus leaf.

The outer courtyard disciples cheered from the shore for this inner courtyard senior’s magnificent performance. However, they didn’t know that he had already broken out in a cold sweat. The energy in his body was surging madly. He kept on summoning his soul power to dispel the dominant and invasive soul power that he was subjected to earlier.

Who is she? She’s strong. I’m afraid she’s not just a Soul Sage. It’s very possible that she’s a Soul Douluo. My god! There’s even a Soul Douluo among the female students. Does that mean that we’re going to be greatly restrained?

The Sea God’s Fated Blind Date wasn’t just a blind date. To some extent, it was a healthy competition between the male and female students. This Soul Sage believed that he was one of the stronger male students in attendance today. However, he was immediately disadvantaged when he was attacked. There was no doubt that he was feeling demoralized.

Huo Yuhao revealed a doubtful look as he stood in last place on the third row. The young woman’s voice that he had heard earlier sounded very familiar. However, he didn’t manage to catch it too clearly, as she had spoken very briefly.

Han Ruoruo laughed. “Female student eight, you can’t attack the male students directly unless the other party has invaded the cylindrical region where you are standing. However, we’ll make an exception, since male student one was indeed a little overboard. There’ll not be any further exceptions.”

After hearing her words, the young men heaved a sigh of relief. The ladies were too fierce! If all of them attacked at the same time, wouldn’t that mean that anyone who approached them would end up in the water?

Zhang Lexuan said, “Alright, male student two, it’s your turn. Be gentlemanly.”

Learning from the lesson of the first male student, the second male student was a little hesitant. The female students were all prepared this time. He returned without making any progress. None of the female students were unveiled by him.

There were sixteen female students in total. At the very start, eight of them had already lost their bamboo hats. This was truly very rare in the Sea God’s Fated Blind Date. However, all the male students after the first one would find it difficult to achieve anything similarly impressive. The female students who were able to keep their hats on after the first round were not weak in ability or focus.

The thirty-six male students took their turns one by one. It was only after some time that another bamboo hat was removed.

Huo Yuhao was the last, just observing the performances of the male students in front of him. There were three Soul Sages among the male students, the rest either Soul Emperors or Soul Kings. This was already very impressive. However, the problem of the stronger female students in Shrek’s inner courtyard remained. Apart from female student eight, at least four other female students were already Soul Sages. All of them were pretty strong.

As a result, when it was Huo Yuhao’s turn, there were still four female students with bamboo hats left.

“Eh, I’ve been looking for you for half a day. Yuhao, why are you at the back? The more you cultivate, the further back you go! We have four bamboo hats that have not been removed. It’s your turn now.” Zhang Lexuan called out to Huo Yuhao. When she did, Elder Xuan and the rest immediately turned their attention to Huo Yuhao from their boat.

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly in his heart. Eldest senior sister, didn’t you say that I could just come for show? Why did you call my name?

However, even though he had that mindset, he still had to properly show his face since he was here. He really didn’t want to be disqualified by falling into the water. It was his graduation test tomorrow. Wang Yan had also reminded him that he didn’t want to offend Zhang Lexuan right now.

Huo Yuhao stepped off of his lotus leaf. Yes, he walked slowly towards the female students. He didn’t appear as dazzling or impressive as the students before him. His soul rings didn’t even shine. He just walked over calmly.

Zhang Lexuan was a little amused as she muttered to herself, “This fellow is really only coming here just to show his face!”

On the shore, the outer courtyard students were confused when they saw this last inner courtyard senior.

“Eh, look at this. How is this senior able to walk so freely on the lake’s surface? What kind of ability is that?”

“I believe he should be a Soul Sage, and he’s deliberately controlling his altitude. However, how is he able to do it so easily?”

“No, that’s not it. This senior’s abilities are ice-type. He can freeze a layer of ice below him as he walks. This is why he finds it so easy. He wouldn’t find it so easy if he were flying.” The person speaking was Jin Sha, who Huo Yuhao had met earlier. Him being able to say that wasn’t because his vision was very clear. Given the lighting and distance, how could he possibly see everything clearly? He had deliberately observed Huo Yuhao as he went to the island earlier.

Just as the outer courtyard students were all engaged in discussion, Huo Yuhao arrived in front of the veiled women.

Initially, he had planned to make one pass around these female students before returning. However, Zhang Lexuan was watching him intently. If he really did nothing, she probably wouldn’t let him off.

As he thought about it, he mysteriously arrived in front of female student eight, who he had found familiar earlier on. He reached out for her bamboo hat.

Yes, he just reached out. He wasn’t quick at all. There was no difference between his speed and that of an ordinary person. To Huo Yuhao, given the ability that this female student demonstrated earlier, she would be able to easily block him. After that, he could just return to where he had been standing.

However, he was astonished to discover that she had no intention of protecting her bamboo hat. She let Huo Yuhao grab the edge of it without moving.

“This…” Huo Yuhao had no chance of retracting his hand now. Could he just not take her hat off? That would be utter disrespect for both her and the Sea God’s Fated Blind Date!

What was going to happen to him?

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