Volume 35, Chapter 503.1: You Need a Class 9 Pill Furnace!

“This…” Huo Yuhao suddenly realized that he had neglected an important problem.

Xuan Ziwen followed by saying, “Secondly, let me ask you. When origin energy of heaven and earth is gathered and compressed within a certain region, what will happen when the tool compressing it has its own limit?”

“This…” Huo Yuhao started to perspire.

Xuan Ziwen laughed coldly. “It will blow apart! Even you will be blown apart! Do you not know how much origin energy there is in these treasures? Haven’t you eaten them before? Can’t you imagine at all? Do you really think a furnace is enough? What a joke! If you can’t solve these two problems, you’ll only be wasting resources.”

As he spoke, he threw the blueprint at Huo Yuhao’s face before turning and leaving.

“Hey! Teacher Xuan, don’t go! I was wrong, I was wrong. Please advise me!” Xuan Ziwen pointed out the problems, but not the solutions. Furthermore, Huo Yuhao couldn’t think of anything to deal with these two problems. He immediately chased after Xuan Ziwen.

Although Xuan Ziwen was walking away, he revealed a weird grin on his face. He thought to himself. Rascal, you’ll definitely be tricked this time, won’t you? Hehe!

After hearing from Bei Bei that Huo Yuhao wanted to use precious treasures to cultivate medicine, he had already anticipated that there would be problems with the furnace. The reason was very simple. When Xuan Ziwen was in the Sun Moon Empire, there was a soul engineer that he shared great ties with who was in charge of cultivating medicines for the imperial family.

Why were there so many soul engineers in the Sun Moon Empire? It was because they could be cultivated using a lot of medicine. The soul engineers who weren’t talented could consume medicine to increase their cultivation speed.

In this aspect, the Sun Moon Empire held an absolute advantage over the other empires. Xuan Ziwen was also not talented in terms of his martial soul, so he had also resorted to using medicine to increase his cultivation.

His cultivation had reached nine rings through medicinal help, too. However, he realized that the medicines in Shrek weren’t cultivated before they were consumed, even though they were top quality. This was a waste of medicine.

However, he didn’t say anything because he had his own important research to do, and also because he wasn’t very adept at cultivating pills.

Hearing what Huo Yuhao wanted to do this time, he rushed over. The reason was very simple. The furnace he needed had to be an advanced-tier soul tool if such precious treasures were used as materials to cultivate medicine. The higher the quality of the materials, the higher the requirements for the furnace. This was what that Sun Moon Empire’s pill-cultivating soul engineer had told him before.

Although he didn’t know what the treasures Huo Yuhao had brought back were or what their quality was, he could roughly guess from Bei Bei’s simple description that at least a Class 9 furnace would be needed! Given Huo Yuhao’s current abilities, he couldn’t possibly produce a Class 9 soul tool. Xuan Ziwen knew that blueprint was worthless no matter how detailed or well-drawn it was, because Huo Yuhao couldn’t solve a very simple problem: compressing the origin energy that was released. Without it, an explosion was the only outcome.

How could Huo Yuhao know about Xuan Ziwen’s experience? He even pursued him after being admonished. Xuan Ziwen had killed two birds with one stone.

“Why are you following me?” Xuan Ziwen stopped in his tracks and looked at Huo Yuhao coldly.

Huo Yuhao hurriedly and respectfully said, “Teacher Xuan, I was wrong. I’ll put more effort into learning soul tool production from you.” He was also very intelligent. He knew that Xuan Ziwen was doing this as a show for him. How could he not understand what his intentions were?

Xuan Ziwen snorted disdainfully and replied, “Do I have to teach you even if you’re willing to learn? Twin martial souls and Ultimate Ice. Go on then. Go and be your soul master.” As he spoke, he turned around and left.

Huo Yuhao’s figure immediately flashed, and he blocked Xuan Ziwen’s path. He was full of smiles as he said, “Teacher Xuan, I know I was in the wrong. Even if it’s a death sentence, there’s still time for repentance. You should give me a chance to turn over a new leaf. Don’t worry, I’ll learn under you seriously. In the future, I’ll do my best to become a Class 9 soul engineer. I won’t give up anymore. What do you think?”

Xuan Ziwen appeared to be in a better mood now. He snorted once and said, “That’s more like it. Counting on the fact that you appear more sincere today, I’ll agree reluctantly. However, remember that I’m nurturing you not purely because I want you to become a Class 9 soul engineer. Although Class 9 soul engineers are very rare, they aren’t the extreme.”

Huo Yuhao was astonished. “So, what do you want to do?”

Xuan Ziwen revealed an intense and passionate look in his eyes. He stared at Huo Yuhao until goosebumps started to appear on Yuhao’s skin.

“Before I die, I hope I can nurture a Class 10 soul engineer, and help him reach the peak of soul engineers! My talent is limited. I’ll never become a Class 10 soul engineer. However, you are a prodigy. I believe that I can do it. Just work hard. This time, I won’t let you leave the Tang Sect easily before you become a Class 9 soul engineer. Whatever commitments you have, I want you to throw them aside.”

“This…” Huo Yuhao suddenly turned grim, and smiled bitterly at Xuan Ziwen.

Class 9 soul engineer. How is it that easy? First, I need to become a Titled Douluo. That doesn’t happen in a day or two.

Xuan Ziwen laughed coldly and said, “Are you unwilling? It’s up to you. Do whatever you want.” As he spoke, he walked leisurely away.

“Teacher Xuan, don’t go!” Huo Yuhao hurriedly chased after him, and laughed bitterly. “See, I barely have eight rings now. How easy is it for me to reach nine rings? Moreover, I still need to become a Class 9 soul engineer. Aren’t your requirements a little too high? Yes, I guarantee that I’ll work hard. Should you not relax your demands? How about a Class 8 soul engineer?”

Xuan Ziwen didn’t even bother with him. He continued to walk forward as if he didn’t hear anything.

Huo Yuhao was also helpless now. He knew that he couldn’t succeed without Teacher Xuan’s help this time. However, wasn’t it a little too strict to stop him from leaving the Tang Sect before he became a Class 9 soul engineer? If he wasn’t fortunate, wouldn’t that take him from eight to ten years?

“Teacher Xuan, Teacher Xuan!” Seeing that Xuan Ziwen was getting further and further away, Huo Yuhao continued chasing after him. He gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, I agree. However, I can’t absolutely not leave the sect. I’ll try not to leave Shrek City. However, if there’s something important, especially when the Academy requests it, I’ll need to go.”

Xuan Ziwen also knew that he couldn’t force Huo Yuhao too much. He nodded and said, “That’s fine.” Shrek Academy was very supportive of his research, and they shared a good relationship. In addition, Xuan Ziwen also knew that Huo Yuhao was one of the members of the Sea God’s Pavilion. If the Academy had something for him to do, Xuan Ziwen couldn’t possibly stop him.

With his words, Huo Yuhao heaved a sigh of relief. Before he could say anything else, Xuan Ziwen added, “Rascal, don’t think I don’t know what you’re plotting, If you try to use the Academy to sneak off, don’t blame me for being unkind. I won’t show any mercy then. I’ll leave the Tang Sect just like how I left the Illustrious Virtue Hall.”

“Ugh… Teacher Xuan, am I that sort of person? Why would I use the Academy as an excuse to sneak off? Don’t worry, I’ll study seriously.” Although Huo Yuhao felt a little guilty, he still spoke the truth in his heart. This was no time to offend Xuan Ziwen!

Xuan Ziwen nodded in satisfaction and said, “Alright, follow me then. We have to design your furnace properly. We need a Class 9 furnace for stability.”

“Class 9!” Huo Yuhao was really shocked.

Xuan Ziwen laughed coldly and said, “Do you think it’s so easy to refine treasures? Without a Class 9 furnace, you won’t be able to contain the aura of such good stuff. Not only do you have to seal it, you’ll have to compress it, too! All the details have to be considered. You have no room for failure. Do you really think you’re performing an experiment?”

Huo Yuhao wanted to reply ‘yes!’. He had brought back a lot of good stuff this time. Although he couldn’t perform an experiment using the same materials, it was still possible for him to choose one that wasn’t too expensive. However, he didn’t dare say that. Xuan Ziwen was very serious!

Instead, he humbly asked, “Teacher Xuan, what should we do?”

Xuan Ziwen said as he walked, “We’ll perfect the blueprint over these next few years. I had a friend who was a pill-cultivating master; I heard him explaining how to cultivate pills before. However, he didn’t create a Class 9 furnace back then, he only thought of it. You must join in the design. Although your cultivation and experience are lacking, your spiritual power is strong enough. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to take a look at some complex blueprints. You’ll be my assistant when I make the furnace.”

“Yes!” Seeing the serious look on Xuan Ziwen’s face, Huo Yuhao was touched. He knew that it was very valuable to be able to accompany a Class 9 soul engineer in his attempt to make a Class 9 soul tool! Xuan Ziwen was bound to advise him during the process. Such an experience would be beneficial to him in his efforts to become a Class 9 soul engineer himself.

Huo Yuhao followed Xuan Ziwen to his laboratory. Xuan Ziwen was always very quick in doing whatever he wanted, especially in the area of soul tools.

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