Volume 35, Chapter 500.3: Phoenix Covering Retreat

Not only did these phoenix flames contain a pure aura of life, but they were also burning like flames of Ultimate Fire. To be caught within these phoenix flames was like being dragged into a quagmire. Although the evil soul masters were very strong, and there were even a few Transcendent Douluo among them, they could only passively defend as they were suppressed by the flames.

Yan Shaozhe controlled the flames immaculately, and didn’t care how fast he was being drained. Whichever evil soul master tried to charge over was immediately struck by the flames he was controlling.

“Yan Shaozhe, you’re courting death!” Zhongli Wu snorted coldly. He wasn’t anxious anymore. His body flashed with purple light, and he allowed the flames to attack him. He stood there without moving.

Yan Shaozhe’s overwhelming attack was aimed at a large area. Even if he were a Transcendent Douluo, he would be greatly drained, yet he ignored all costs. Under such circumstances, he wouldn’t be able to last long. Once he couldn’t hold on anymore, he would be doomed.

There were so many evil soul masters. Was it even possible they could not deal with a Transcendent Douluo in a weakened state?

The Masquerade Douluo had disappeared within the flames. Zhongli Wu personally witnessed it. He felt extremely sorry! Every Titled Douluo was an important asset to the Holy Ghost Church, even though the Masquerade Douluo’s cultivation was likely to remain stagnant.

Furthermore, he didn’t know how many losses his side had incurred. How were the Second, Third, and Fourth Elders?

Don’t tell me they’re dead too? Impossible! From that earlier aura, there seemed to only be three Transcendent Douluo from Shrek Academy. How could they kill four of our Titled Douluo, although there’s only three of them? They even did it so quickly!

Zhongli Wu had already calmed down as he basked in the flames. However, he couldn’t understand why Shrek Academy would suddenly attack.

Such a short ambush can’t possibly cause any damage. How did they get in? They just attacked us, and now they’re leaving? They even got the Radiant Phoenix Douluo Yan Shaozhe to cover their retreat. This is unbelievable. If they’re trading the Masquerade Douluo for the Radiant Phoenix Douluo, it’s definitely not worth it! The Radiant Phoenix Douluo is the heir to the Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion. If not for the fact that Elder Mu died too early, Elder Xuan wouldn’t have become the Master at all. Yan Shaozhe would have been the next Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion!

After pondering for a moment, Zhongli Wu finally had a clue. No matter what was happening, he had to do his best to kill Yan Shaozhe. As long as Yan Shaozhe died, the losses they had suffered this time would be worth it.

The flames grew weaker and weaker. Just like Zhongli Wu had judged, even a Transcendent Douluo couldn’t last long maintaining such a strong attack.

“Yan Shaozhe!” A cold and sinister voice rang across the sky. Even the flames retracted slightly as they were suppressed.

Before the flames were completely extinguished, Zhongli Wu snorted, and his back started to shine with purple light. He turned into an elderly, purplish figure, which pointed in Yan Shaozhe’s direction. Zhongli Wu’s eighth soul ring flashed with light.

A streak of purplish light as thin as a needle instantly swept across the sky. Wherever that streak of purplish light passed, even the flames were instantly pierced.

Yan Shaozhe groaned in the air.

Zhongli Wu flashed away, and he finally broke free from the flames, which were also extinguished at this moment.

Yan Shaozhe regained his human form and landed on the ground, staggering a little. There was a ball of purplish flame burning on his chest.

He struggled to support himself. The six Consecrated had already quickly surrounded him. Two were in the sky and four were on the ground, trapping him. Zhongli Wu was in front of him. This was a trap even a Transcendent Douluo like him couldn’t break free from.

“Yan Shaozhe, where do you think you’re escaping to?” Zhongli Wu cursed coldly.

Yan Shaozhe smiled. “Why should I run? Since I chose to stay, I have no intention of leaving! You’ve been thinking too much.”

“Oh?” Zhongli Wu was stunned. He hadn’t expected Yan Shaozhe to be so composed, even though he was encircled and had been struck by his eighth soul skill, the Godly Death Needle.

The Godly Death Needle looked as thin as a strand of hair, but it was so strong that it could pierce through a mountain. It was specifically used to overcome all types of protective soul skills. Among all the current soul skills that Zhongli Wu knew about, none of them could resist his Godly Death Needle. To avoid being hurt, one could only try to avoid it. However, the Godly Death Needle could lock onto its targets, and wasn’t that easy to avoid!

The purplish flame on Yan Shaozhe’s chest came from the Godly Death Needle. He was using the strength of his phoenix flames to resist the Godly Death Needle. Zhongli Wu wasn’t bothered by the fact at all. If his Godly Death Needle were so easy to deal with, it wouldn’t be fit to be his eighth soul skill.

When this needle entered any biological entity, it would spark a kind of flame called the Withering Flame. No matter what the elemental type of a soul power was, it would be destroyed under the Withering Flame. It was like a soul master burning his soul power and spiritual sea. This Withering Flame expedited the combustion of one’s soul power and spiritual sea, and the soul master couldn’t possibly extinguish the flame. During the process of combustion, no overwhelming fighting strength was unleashed. Instead, the soul master would slowly experience a decline.

Zhongli Wu glanced around at the others from the Holy Ghost Church and said coldly, “Do you really think you’re going to get lucky?” He looked extremely grim.

Not many of the people from the Holy Ghost Church could stand up. The Third and Fourth Elders appeared to be critically hurt, and struggled to crawl to their feet. Nangong Wan even acted like he couldn’t get up. Worse, the Bluesilver Holy Lady was nowhere to be seen!

Zhongli Wu was now intent on exacting revenge. This last thing infuriated him like nothing else!

It was important to know that the Bluesilver Holy Lady and the Phoenix Holy Lady were the successors that he had nurtured. The Phoenix Holy Lady was still receiving treatment at the Holy Ghost Church’s headquarters because of the evil fire in her body. On the other hand, things were going very smoothly with the Bluesilver Holy Lady. According to the current situation, her mind would be completely purified, and she would completely lose her sense of self.

They were known as successors not because they would rule the Holy Ghost Church in the future, but because they would become some of the strongest individuals in the church.

Zhongli Wu was very aware that his mother and Long Xiaoyao were already very old. It was difficult to tell how much longer they could live. How could an evil soul master sect like the Holy Ghost Church remain powerful without any Ultimate Douluo? If the two of them died, everyone was bound to gang up on them!

The Holy Ghost Church had a secret method that could stimulate a Soul Master’s abilities, allowing their followers to grow rapidly. However, there was a negative side to this secret method. It completely corroded a person’s mind, and they would believe that they were just killing machines.

With such a secret method, an extremely talented soul master could be gradually improved, and could possibly become an Ultimate Douluo. However, the soul master had to be introspective, his body had to be pure enough, and his martial soul had to be appropriate.

Tang Ya and Ma Xiaotao were candidates that he had found suitable. Comparatively speaking, Ma Xiaotao was much more talented. After her phoenix flames fused with the evil fire, it would evolve into Ultimate Fire. Once she became an Ultimate Douluo, she would be an Ultimate Fire Douluo. She would be even stronger than Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao.

However, Ma Xiaotao wasn’t very compatible with the secret method, exactly because she was too talented, and her flames were too domineering. It was very difficult to corrode her mind. Although there was some effect, her mind wasn’t greatly affected, even after all this time.

Although Tang Ya wasn’t as talented as Ma Xiaotao, she was much more compatible with the secret method. After she consumed the medicine, her mind had been completely devoured by the evil poison. Her cultivation had increased greatly. In terms of rank, she was almost at Ma Xiaotao’s standard.

Once Tang Ya became a Titled Douluo, the secret method would be completed. When that happened, only some special articles would be needed to help keep her under control. In the future, she was bound to become the Holy Ghost Church’s biggest trump card. When Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao were no longer around, Tang Ya would be present to ensure that the Holy Ghost Church could last another hundred years without falling.

Because of how important she was, Zhongli Wu had kept the Scorpion Tiger Douluo with her to protect her. However, Tang Ya had disappeared! It was important to know that the Holy Ghost Church had used a lot of resources on Tang Ya! After all, Zhongli Wu wasn’t just nurturing an extremely powerful Ultimate Douluo. He also had to ensure that she would enjoy great longevity after she became an Ultimate Douluo. It was the only way he could maximize the benefits to the sect.

Tang Ya’s disappearance was even more heartbreaking than the Masquerade Douluo’s death. He was so furious now that he wanted to completely annihilate Shrek Academy right now!

“Yan Shaozhe, where did you take the Bluesilver Holy Lady?” Zhongli Wu asked coldly.

Yan Shaozhe smiled and said, “What Bluesilver Holy Lady? I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

Zhongli Wu snorted furiously, “You’re already here; why are you still acting? Do you really think I won’t dare to kill you? No, that would be too easy on you. I’ll make you my puppet, a puppet that’s a Transcendent Douluo… our soul will never reincarnate!”

After hearing his threats, Yan Shaozhe was still smiling, and appeared very composed. “Zhongli Wu, you think too much. Quickly, go and save those who are hurt. I won’t play with you anymore. Bye!”

As he spoke, Yan Shaozhe suddenly burned with golden flames. Even the purple flames on his chest were devoured by these golden flames. Then, he slowly disappeared into the fires!

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