Volume 35, Chapter 500.2: Phoenix Covering Retreat

Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection engulfed the entire battlefield. He knew everything that was happening. Time! Time!

Huo Yuhao suddenly thought of something, and quickly rushed forward two steps. He screamed in panic, “Sect leader, things aren’t going well. We’ve been ambushed by people from Shrek Academy!” Although he was screaming, he was blocking Zhongli Wu’s path.

“What?” After walking out of the tent, Zhongli Wu immediately sensed something amiss. What’s with that weird soul power undulation in the air? Why did I not sense anything earlier?

However, he couldn’t be bothered with that at this moment. He hurriedly shouted, “All Consecrated, follow me to deal with the enemy!”

However, a strong blizzard suddenly raged in at that moment!

Under Huo Yuhao’s command, the Ice Bear King had been suppressing his abilities all this while, and didn’t unleash his Blizzard at its full strength.

But now, the area covered by the Blizzard instantly expanded. Visibility was greatly reduced, preventing the Sect Leader and the Consecrated of the Holy Ghost Church from seeing clearly. All sensing through soul power was reduced to its weakest because of this extremely powerful domain-type soul skill.

Zhongli Wu shouted furiously and smacked his right hand forward. A ball of strong purple light was released from his palm. This purple light spread through the air, turning into dark purple balls. Wherever these balls passed, the snowflakes in the air would melt and disappear. He couldn’t be bothered with the Blizzard at all, and charged directly towards the battlefield.

He was very confident in his abilities as a Titled Douluo.


On the other side, everyone from Shrek Academy also quickly fled as they saw Bei Bei carrying Xiao Ya away.

Elder Song smacked her palm toward the Third Elder, critically hurting him, spitting out blood in the process. However, she couldn’t be bothered to deal him a final, lethal blow before she turned into a streak of jade-green light that immediately flashed away, shooting straight towards Zhongli Wu. If no one stopped the oncoming Holy Ghost Church members, they wouldn’t be able to flee.

Yan Shaozhe’s sixth soul ring rose. The reason why he and Elder Song couldn’t kill the Third and Fourth Elders quickly was because they were suppressing their power. They couldn’t risk generating strong soul power undulations that Zhongli Wu might discover.

Huo Yuhao was able to isolate noise and soul power undulations, but the truth would still be exposed if the tremors in the ground were too strong. But at this moment, there was nothing for them to hide anymore. Yan Shaozhe unleashed his full powers.

A bright golden phoenix fluttered its wings and collided with the Fourth Elder. At the same time, it flew straight towards the oncoming evil soul masters, and forced the evil soul masters pestering the people from the Tang Sect back. They naturally took this opportunity to charge straight back to Huo Yuhao’s tent. Yan Shaozhe followed Elder Song closely. After he fused into the back of the golden phoenix, he unleashed his Martial Soul True Body. His ninth soul ring also shone.

“Ji!...” A sonorous and deafening phoenix scream rose. Yan Shaozhe’s Phoenix True Body grew incredibly in size, his wings extending more than a hundred meters across. Strong phoenix flames rose before they shot towards the ground.

Every one of these flames was shaped like a phoenix. The strong aura of light even caused Little Bai’s Blizzard to dissipate temporarily.

The originally dark sky brightened up at this moment. A bright golden fire was burning, and the Radiant Phoenix in the sky was shining with an elegant radiance.

This was Yan Shaozhe’s ninth soul skill, Phoenix Descent. It was his strongest soul skill.

At this instant, he seemed to have completely transformed into a true God Beast Phoenix.

The strong light element suppressed Zhongli Wu and the six Consecrated, stalling them slightly, just long enough for the flames to engulf them.

Zhongli Wu and the others had charged out anxiously when they realized the pressing situation on the battlefield, whereas Yan Shaozhe was warned by Huo Yuhao. He was already prepared, and didn’t hesitate to unleash his strongest soul skill.

Elder Song also shone with green light. She had turned into her Greenshadow Godly Eagle before Yan Shaozhe had transformed. When the Phoenix Descent was unleashed, the Godly Eagle instantly flashed in the air. At that instant, even Huo Yuhao only saw a green light flashing by, followed by the appearance of a jade-green light.

Right now, the Greenshadow Godly Eagle was no longer like a martial soul anymore. It was more like an artistic piece that had been carved from jade. The speed of the eagle reached its extreme as she reached Zhongli Wu.

Zhongli Wu didn’t have time to unleash his Martial Soul True Body. As he had no choice, he could only defend with all his might. Under such a circumstance, Elder Song’s abilities were unleashed to their greatest. Along with the fact that the evil soul masters had to resist the flames from the Phoenix True Body, all seven of them were flung away as they were struck by Elder Song.

It was Elder Song’s ninth soul skill, Emerald Refinement!

Zhongli Wu’s cultivation was close to Elder Song’s, but he was an evil soul master. If they were in a duel, Elder Song could only use her speed to fight him. She might not be his match.

However, given the current situation, Zhongli Wu was still flung away, even though he wasn’t hurt.

Huo Yuhao let out a tragic scream within the flames before he disappeared.

After all, the flames came from a Transcendent Douluo. Its terrifying power could kill an ordinary Titled Douluo.

Everyone from the Tang Sect took this opportunity to rush into Huo Yuhao’s tent. They concealed themselves within the Blizzard and made their way into Huo Yuhao’s spectral demiplane.

A white halo was suddenly released from the flames: Mass Enfeeblement! The surrounding space distorted from his Spiritual Interference Domain.

Zhongli Wu wanted to fly back, but he suddenly felt a wave of strong spiritual power striking him. He groaned in the air and his body shone with purple light. However, his body only shook, and he stopped.

“Yuhao, leave!” Yan Shaozhe ordered.

Huo Yuhao knew that he was helpless in a fight of this tier. He had hit Zongli Wu with his strongest Spiritual Shock, but only felt a spiritual backlash. He didn’t dare to stop, and quickly fled. At the same time, he said to Nangong Wan, who was playing dead, “The restrictions in your spiritual sea will disappear after three days. You don’t have to do anything.”

Nangong Wan was playing dead after he was knocked away. To make it even more real, he even intentionally hurt himself, breaking a few of his bones. After hearing Huo Yuhao’s words, he couldn’t do anything but believe. If he tried to probe further, he might expose himself.

Huo Yuhao called the Ice Bear King and quickly retreated into his tent. A beam of jade-green light shone behind them. They only felt that they became lighter before they rushed into the tent.

“Quickly, go!” Elder Song’s voice came to them.

Huo Yuhao said, “No, Elder Song. Leave with Little Bai first. I’ll wait for Dean Yan. I need to shut this door myself. If I leave, it could be exposed.”

Elder Song said, “Don’t worry. You don’t have to care about him. Shaozhe has a way of escaping. Let’s leave first, quick!”

“What?” Huo Yuhao was doubtful, but he couldn’t suspect Elder Song’s words. He didn’t dare to stall any further, and quickly entered the door with Little Bai.

Elder Song followed them. After entering the demiplane, Elder Song immediately said to Huo Yuhao. “Shut the door.”

“Dean Yan…” Huo Yuhao was shocked as he looked at Elder Song. Are we not waiting for Dean Yan?

Elder Song smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, Shaozhe really has a way of escaping. Do you really think it’s so easy being the Dean of the Martial Soul Department? He shares the same teacher as you. If he’s not capable enough, how could he become the heir to the Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion?”

Huo Yuhao quickly shut the door. As the door shut, the entire demiplane was dissociated from the Douluo Continent. At this moment, the evil soul masters couldn’t find them no matter how strong they were.

Of course, if Huo Yuhao and the others wanted to return, they would still need to return to the base. However, it would only be him then. It would be much easier for him to flee in those circumstances. He didn’t need to rush things now. It was better for things to settle down first.

In the plan that Huo Yuhao had set, Yan Shaozhe had volunteered to cover any retreat. Huo Yuhao naturally knew how strong he was. Such an arrangement was naturally appropriate.

However, things didn’t proceed as smoothly as planned. After the explosion, the Holy Ghost Church’s sect leader didn’t send anyone to check on things. This was a surprise to Huo Yuhao. He had underestimated how selfish evil soul masters were.

The command tent was too close to the battlefield. The sect leader had still managed to discover an issue. It would be too dangerous for him to cover any retreat. Even if he wanted to, he didn’t possess the ability to do so! He was even afraid that Nangong Wan would expose his disguise as the Masquerade Douluo. However, it would be fine if everyone could retreat safely. However, who knew that Yan Shaozhe wouldn’t choose to leave? The plan was almost perfect. The only flaw was that Yan Shaozhe didn’t leave with them.

Right now, Huo Yuhao figured that Dean Yan must have some kind of trump card as he saw the smile on Elder Song’s face.

The Blizzard disappeared, but the phoenix flames were still raging. The entire sky was illuminated by golden light.

The Sun Moon Empire’s flying soul engineers were quickly assembling in this direction. This was where the command tent was, at the core of the entire base. If things went wrong here, there would be great trouble.

Yan Shaozhe’s Phoenix Descent greatly suppressed Zhongli Wu and the six Consecrated, and they weren’t able to break free from his flames.

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