Volume 35, Chapter 500.1: Phoenix Covering Retreat

An avenging spirit flew in front of Ye Guyi. If she were an ordinary Soul Emperor, she would have to be very cautious when facing an evil soul master. If she wasn’t cautious enough, her spiritual sea might be affected. However, against Ye Guyi, she only shone with golden light before the avenging spirit screamed tragically and vanished. The power of purification even caused the avenging spirit to be sucked into Ye Guyi’s body to replenish her and increase her cultivation.

As a result, Ye Guyi’s fighting strength was fully unleashed as she fought under the Ice Bear King’s protection. She was the nightmare of every evil soul master.

Huo Yuhao had risked everything to save her before because she could naturally curb evil soul masters. As Ye Guyi’s abilities increased, her deterrence against evil soul masters grew stronger, too.

Ye Guyi was already close to becoming a Soul Sage. After this fight, she was confident that she could make a breakthrough to become a Soul Sage. When that happened, her Holy Angel would have four wings, and her overall abilities would greatly increase. She wouldn’t be afraid even against an evil Soul Douluo!

Nan Qiuqiu followed beside Ye Guyi, coordinating with her. Ye Guyi’s Holy Angel was the most effective against evil soul masters, while Nan Qiuqiu was using her Ruby Dragon’s Annihilation abilities to protect her, enabling Ye Guyi’s offensive power to be unleashed to the limit.

It wasn’t just Nan Qiuqiu. Xiao Xiao was also protecting Ye Guyi. Her Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron was used as a control-type martial soul to isolate Ye Guyi from their enemies. This prevented too many enemies from appearing directly in front of her, allowing Ye Guyi to better unleash her abilities.

Apart from the three of them, everyone else also demonstrated their powers. Jiang Nannan’s abilities had greatly increased ever since she had fused with the Ruby Soft Tendon Python’s Spirit. Right now, a python over three meters long ran riot on the battlefield. The strangest part of it was that it possessed the abilities that Jiang Nannan had. Just this alone was enough to make it as strong as Xu Sanshi’s Golden Tortoise.

Jiang Nannan had already transformed into her Martial Soul True Body at this moment, but it wasn’t her Softbone Rabbit. Rather, she had fused her True Body into her Ruby Soft Tendon Python, increasing her Spirit’s abilities greatly. She relied on the size of her python to disrupt proceedings on the battlefield, and the evil soul masters were unable to gather.

“Xiao Ya!” Bei Bei shouted at Tang Ya, who had already raised her Bluesilver Tyrant Spear.

Tang Ya’s body shook. She was already hesitating a little. When she heard Bei Bei’s call, her actions slowed even further.

Bei Bei removed his Dragon Emperor’s Realm Quake and slowly walked towards Tang Ya. With every step he took, his body dimmed slightly. After three steps, his dragon scales had completely disappeared, and his martial soul had even been retracted. He revealed his true appearance.

“Xiao Ya, I’m Bei Bei. Do you remember me?” Bei Bei walked towards Tang Ya.

Xu Sanshi held his Golden Xuanwu Shield tightly, and suddenly swept his hand across his body. His shield flew out and struck a few evil Soul Emperors that were charging over.

He was worried about Bei Bei. However, he couldn’t stop him at this moment. From that earlier moment, he had already seen the determined look in Bei Bei’s eyes. Even though he was very close to Bei Bei, it was his first time seeing such a look in his eyes.

He knew that Bei Bei had already made up his mind. No matter what, he had to try. As a brother, he couldn’t stop him. If he were in such a situation with Jiang Nannan, he would also do the same thing.

Bei Bei, come on! Xu Sanshi shouted silently, and focused his gaze on Tang Ya. Once something went wrong, he would dash in to save Bei Bei immediately.

Tang Ya was a little dazed as she stood there. There was still a large bunch of dark Bluesilver Grass dancing around her feet. However, they didn’t attack. The sharp Bluesilver Tyrant Spear flashed with a dark-blue light. Its dominant aura made it felt like it could pierce through the sky. However, she didn’t thrust it toward Bei Bei.

Bei Bei was still walking toward her. His gaze became even gentler, and there wasn’t even a streak of soul power undulations coming from him.

“Xiao Ya, I won’t do anything to you. How can I possibly hurt you? You are my Xiao Ya, and you’ll always be. If you want to attack, then kill me. I’m willing even if my blood stains your body.”

“Don’t come over!” Tang Ya suddenly shouted. This was also her first time speaking on this battlefield. Her voice was no longer as cold and indifferent as it was before. Rather, she sounded a little afraid and panicky.

After hearing her speak, Xu Sanshi heaved a sigh of relief. Tang Ya’s emotions were roused after seeing Bei Bei. This meant that he was still in her memory.

Bei Bei didn’t listen to Tang Ya, and continued to walk forward. He wasn’t very far from Tang Ya to begin with, and now, he was almost in front of her.

“Don’t come over!” Tang Ya’s voice turned a little sharper. Her icy-cold eyes were filled with indecision.

“Xiao Ya, Xiao Ya… I’m Bei Bei.” Bei Bei continued to walk forward. He was calling Tang Ya’s name as if he were calling his own wife.

Finally, he was in front of her. She didn’t move her spear. It was even shaking in her grip.

Bei Bei was now right in front of the spear, but he didn’t stop. He walked directly into the spear, and the tip of the spear pierced his shoulder. There was a trace of red on the tip of the spear, which spread along the dark patterns on it.

As Tang Ya’s cultivation increased, the spear was able to absorb blood. As it absorbed blood, it also fused the dark poison elements inside it into the enemy’s blood.

Bei Bei turned pale, but his gaze was still as gentle as ever. “Xiao Ya, I’m Bei Bei.”

Seeing that the tip of her spear had pierced Bei Bei’s shoulder, Tang Ya was stunned, and just looked at him in a daze. It was like she was looking at some unbelievable thing.

Bei Bei moved another inch forward. Immediately, the spear pierced deeper into him. From the start until the end, Bei Bei didn’t reveal a painful look on his face. There was only a gentle look throughout.

“Xiao Ya, I’m Bei Bei,” Bei Bei continued to call softly.

“Ah!” Tang Ya started to shout frantically, and furiously let go of the spear in her hand. Without her soul power, her spear immediately dissipated, and turned into streaks of dark-blue light that disappeared into the air. The Bluesilver Grass around Tang Ya also instantly disappeared. Her face was very pale, and her body started to shake tremendously. Her hands were on her head.

“My head hurts. It hurts so, so much.”

Bei Bei resisted the pain in his shoulder and rushed forward, hugging Tang Ya.

Even though Tang Ya’s body was icy-cold right now, and was filled with an intense aura of darkness, when Bei Bei hugged her, tears flowed from her eyes uncontrollably.

How many years had it been? Ever since Tang Ya went missing, it had been many years. He was finally able to hold her in his arms again.

Xiao Ya, you don’t know how blissful I feel right now. No matter what price I have to pay, I’ll treat you.

Seeing that Bei Bei had succeeded, Xu Sanshi was delighted. He charged towards Bei Bei and whispered, “Alright, let’s go quickly, so that we can ask little junior to leave.”

Bei Bei twisted to look at him and nodded quickly. After that, he carried Tang Ya away and fled towards the Masquerade Douluo’s tent. The door to the spectral demiplane was already open…


The command tent of the Sun Moon Empire...

As the Imperial Tutor and leader of the Holy Ghost Church, Zhongli Wu sat in the main seat. Even Lin Hai was only sitting by his side.

A large number of orders had already been passed down. The entire base was busy with this fight.

Zhongli Wu was very grim. Apart from Lin Hai, there were also many other commanders from the Sun Moon Empire inside the tent. As Zhongli Wu and the six Consecrated from the Holy Ghost Church’s Worship Hall were inside the tent, they were all afraid.

“Why is no one reporting after so long? What’s with your soldiers?” Zhongli Wu asked Lin Hai.

Lin Hai furrowed his brow and said, “This shouldn’t be happening. It’s been some time. The messengers should be constantly reporting information.”

After a series of orders were passed down earlier, the command tent had quieted down. They had been waiting for some time already, but no further messengers had arrived. How was the fight continuing on without any commands?

“Oh?” Zhongli Wu’s expression suddenly changed. He stood up immediately. “Things aren’t right. Why is it so quiet? Even if the command tent can isolate noise quite well, there should be some movement outside. Let’s go out and take a look.” As he spoke, he headed out.

Of course no messengers came. This was because the “Masquerade Douluo” was outside. After setting up the spiritual barrier, Huo Yuhao had already stopped three waves of messengers. With the spiritual barrier isolating all noises from outside, those three waves of messengers were tricked into a dark corner beside the command tent through Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Interference Domain. They were also unconscious.

The curtains of the tent were pulled open, and Zhongli Wu was the first to walk out. Seeing that Zhongli Wu had come out, Huo Yuhao was alarmed. Things hadn’t finished on the other side; not everyone had retreated yet.

Huo Yuhao knew that they were fighting for time right now. Every second would make his teammates safer. Bei Bei had just picked up Xiao Ya, and was about to retreat towards his tent!

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