Chapter 50.3: Ancestor Tang San...

Book 8: Advancing to the Second Year

Chapter 50.3: Ancestor Tang San...

“My intuition is never wrong,” The Skydream Iceworm said, “Whatever, if you have nothing else to say, Brother is going to sleep. Continue cultivating diligently.”

After having a conversation with the Skydream Iceworm, the doubts in Huo Yuhao’s mind had cleared up. Having gone through today’s affairs, his self-confidence had increased even more.

News of Huo Yuhao’s stunning performance in the Great Beast Duelling Arena quickly spread throughout the entirety of the outer courtyard. However, under the conjectures of a few brainy people, the other students were able to surmise that he had used an aura-imitation skill. Because of that, he didn’t cause too large a ruckus.

The advancement test for the Year 2 students was postponed for two days. Furthermore, Zhou Yi brought another piece of news to Huo Yuhao after the meeting the teachers had. The academy’s Teaching Department had requested that he retake the advancement test without using his Imitation this time around. They guaranteed that he would obtain the minimum marks required to pass, but they still hoped that he would do all he could to display his own strength in order to obtain even higher marks.

Du Weilun wasn’t willing to resign himself to the truth! After the advancement test had ended, he had organised a meeting with the other teachers before going over to see Dean Yan Shaozhe. Yan Shaozhe then gave him a single order--that was, for him to clarify what Huo Yuhao’s second martial soul was, in addition to his soul skill.


“Second young master, this is too risky. Shrek Academy is the continent’s number one academy, and experts are extremely common there. The number of Titled Douluo they have exceed that of our empire. Rashly killing someone within Shrek Academy will be extremely inconvenient for the Duke.”

“Then what if it’s outside Shrek Academy?”

“If it’s sufficiently far away from Shrek Academy, we can try. Second young master, you have to calm down. If you really can’t take it anymore, you can ask the eldest young master for guidance.”

“No need, I’ve already thought it through. I was clouded by my anger. I’ll think of a way by myself first. If I really can’t do anything about it, I’ll draw them out for the sake of the White Tiger Duke’s honor. At that time, you are not allowed to dissuade me anymore.”



“Haha, that old fella Yan Shaozhe must be foaming with anger in his office. How delightful, it’s really so satisfying!” Qian Duoduo was lying on his wide sofa, his mighty body taking up almost half the space of the sofa, which could normally fit three people. He had a pleased look on his face.

Fan Yu, who was sitting opposite him, said sincerely, “Dean Qian, thank you.” He was truly grateful to Qian Duoduo. He had made a timely move, allowing them to thoroughly bring Huo Yuhao over to the Soul Tool Department at the most crucial moment. Moreover, Yan Shaozhe couldn’t do anything at all now.

Qian Duoduo waved his hand, “What’re you thanking me for? This is all for our Soul Tool Department. However, that old fella Yan Shaozhe is very crafty. We still have to be alert.”

Fan Yu was stunned. “Be alert for what? Yuhao’s already a core disciple of our Soul Tool Department!”

Qian Duoduo said, “You can’t think this way. I understand that old fella Yan too well; he’s not a person who gives up easily. He won’t do something like threaten us, but he’s extremely good at tempting someone. You still need to have a good conversation with that little fella Yuhao so he won’t be fooled by any means. Tell Yuhao that our Soul Tool Department can give him anything that Yan Shaozhe offers. I simply don’t believe that Old Yan will just let me snatch away the meat I’ve obtained. Humph. Two martial souls, hahaha. I just need to imagine Old Yan’s current expression to feel extremely happy.”

Fan Yu smiled slightly. “I don’t think that you need to worry. After interacting with this child Yuhao for so long, I have confidence in him. I can guarantee you one thing--as long as he gets his rank as a soul master up to the required rank, he’ll definitely become a soul engineer of the same class. Within five years, before he graduates from the outer courtyard, I’ll work hard to make him a Class 5 soul engineer. When he then enters the inner courtyard, we’ll be able to have him and Caitou implement the Ultimate Soldier plan.”

“The Imitation skill that Yuhao’s just obtained has eliminated a large obstacle to our Ultimate Soldier plan. This skill has no offensive uses, but it’s absolutely the strongest ability that a person can use to conceal themselves! The heavens above are truly thinking about our Soul Tool Department. Yuhao’s practically made for our Ultimate Soldier plan.”

Qian Duoduo nodded. “Fan Yu, I have a proposal. This kid Yuhao has an extraordinary amount of talent as a soul engineer, and we can’t restrict him too much using conventional ways. I feel that He Caitou shouldn’t continue being cultivated for the Ultimate Soldier plan. If Huo Yuhao can become the Ultimate Soldier we nurture, then He Caitou can be the Armory of the Ultimate Soldier.”

Somewhat concerned, Fan Yu said, “But Dean, isn’t this too risky? In the event we fail…”

The smile on Qian Duoduo’s face vanished, and he spoke in a grave voice, “There isn’t an ‘in the event’. If a person with twin martial souls can’t make our plan succeed, then that only proves that our plan doesn’t hold any water. If we go with the mentality of staking it all on one person, our chances of success are much greater.”

Fan Yu furrowed his brows. “Then I’ll have to think about it for a while. I need to ask Caitou for his opinion on this as well.”

Qian Duoduo smiled. “Yup. This issue isn’t urgent. They’re still young, so we have to establish their foundations well. Right, when is Huo Yuhao coming over?”

Fan Yu said, “The Martial Soul Department’s having their advancement test. I’ll get him to come over after his test.”

Qian Duoduo said, “He’s already a core disciple of our Soul Tool Department now. After the Martial Soul Department’s advancement test ends, bring him over and let him participate in our advancement test as well. I want to see his capabilities in live combat.”

“Okay,” Fan Yu replied, filled with confidence. He had absolute confidence in the disciple he was pleased with.

Two days later.

The Great Beast Duelling Arena. Outside the Arena.

“Huo Yuhao, do you dare to make another bet?” Dai Huabin blocked Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s paths.

Without even waiting for Huo Yuhao to open his mouth, Wang Dong interjected, “What? You can’t accept it? The only reason why you’ve dared to come again is because you’re fully aware that Huo Yuhao’s been restricted from using his soul skill. Losing is losing, and you’ve already forgotten the pain that came from that scar of yours, eh? You’ve already kowtowed and admitted that you were wrong.”

A cold light flickered through Dai Huabin’s eyes, “What’s wrong with seizing an opportunity? I lost, and I admitted it. I’m only asking as to whether you dare to make another bet with me. This time, I’ll bet against you two by myself. I’m betting that I’ll be able to exceed the total of your scores by myself.”

The moment he spoke, Wang Dong immediately raised his brow, “Dai Huabin, you’re being too arrogant.”

Dai Huabin said icily, “Do you dare, or do you not?”

Wang Dong said angrily, “Since you wanna bet, we’ll bet. We’ll use the same stakes as before. The losing party will kowtow and admit that they were wrong, but three times this time.”

Dai Huabin turned towards the silent Huo Yuhao, “What do you say?”

Huo Yuhao said indifferently, “Seeing that you were willing to accept your loss last time, fine. We’ll take your bet.”

Dai Huabin squinted his eyes. After coldly sweeping his gaze over the two, he turned away and left.

As Wang Dong looked on at Dai Huabin’s leaving figure, he suddenly let out a laugh. Keeping his voice low, he turned towards Huo Yuhao, “Sure enough, it’s exactly as you predicted. That fella has well-developed limbs, but the brain of a moron. He actually dared to make a bet like this for the sake of revenge. He’s really thinking too highly of himself, and he’s looking down on us too much.”

Huo Yuhao smiled slightly. “Actually, he’s not looking down on us. It’s just that we have too many secrets that the others don’t know about. If he makes a decision based on common sense, it’s natural for him to be fooled by us.”

The Haodong Power was their greatest secret. Without the Haodong Power, it would’ve been impossible for their cultivation to increase so quickly. Huo Yuhao even had two martial souls in addition to the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s torso bone and soul ring. These weren’t things that others would know about.

Other than that, he still had an even greater secret, a secret that even the teachers didn’t know about.

Earlier this morning, Wang Dong had finally tested Huo Yuhao’s soul power after they had cultivated at an astonishing pace for two consecutive days. In the end, he was stunned all the way from breakfast till they reached the Great Beast Duelling. It was because Huo Yuhao’s soul power had already reached Rank 26.

When Huo Yuhao had entered Shrek Academy at the very beginning, he had only been at Rank 13. One year later, he was now Rank 26. It could be said that within the entire academy, Huo Yuhao’s leap in power was something that the other students were completely unable to compare with.

Soul power couldn’t be measured using simple numbers. If the soul power needed to bring someone up from Rank 0 to Rank 13 was considered one unit, then the soul power needed to bring someone from Rank 13 to Rank 26 was at least five units. In other words, Huo Yuhao’s soul power had quintupled within a year! This was completely inconceivable!

Even among the students of Class 1, his current soul power placed him in the top ten of the class. However, only Wang Dong knew about this secret. Moreover, Wang Dong himself had secrets! Furthermore, it wasn’t just limited to a single secret...

The process of the advancement test was identical to that of two days ago; Du Weilun personally came over to oversee the test again. Furthermore, it wasn’t just Du Weilun who’d come over this time. The proctor and the refereeing teacher were both stunned by the fact that the Martial Soul Department’s Dean Yan Shaozhe had actually come in person. Furthermore, he had replaced Du Weilun as the main judge.

Just when was an advancement test of a lower year group belonging to the outer courtyard able to move an important person like the Dean? And yet, nobody would've guessed that Yan Shaozhe had actually come for a single student.

As the Dean of Shrek Academy’s Martial Soul Department, Yan Shaozhe had an esteemed status. If he was willing to hold a post in any country, he would definitely receive the treatment of a state advisor. However, Yan Shaozhe had always remained within Shrek Academy. The thing he enjoyed most was seeing many outstanding geniuses being nurtured by himself, making Shrek Academy even more powerful.

From the others’ point of view, a single student wasn’t worth him appearing in person. From Yan Shaozhe’s point of view, however, this was extremely worth it. This was an extremely rarely seen twin-souled soul master!

Not only had he come, he had arrived extremely early. Before the advancement test had begun, he had found the Beast King Gong Changlong and had a simple conversation with him for a period of time. Though Gong Changlong hadn’t revealed what Huo Yuhao’s martial soul was, he said the word ‘Ultimate’ to Yan Shaozhe. This word solidified Yan Shaozhe’s confidence even more. A series of plans had already formed in his heart.

Seeing the students who had already entered the arena, a faint smile appeared on the corner of Dean Yan Shaozhe’s mouth. Qian Duoduo, ah Qian Duoduo, I want to see which of the two of us will have the last laugh.

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