Volume 35, Chapter 499.3: An All-out Decisive Battle?

Shrek Academy’s team had appeared way too suddenly. The evil soul masters didn’t expect, even in their wildest dreams, that so many enemies would appear in the core areas of the Sun Moon Empire’s camp, and that their enemies would be so powerful. They were caught off-guard from the get-go.

Tang Ya was possibly the calmest out of all the evil soul masters. She reacted immediately after Nangong Wan was sent hurtling away. Dark blue light flickered on her body and eight soul rings swiftly appeared around her. She actually had seven black rings and one red ring; nobody knew how the Holy Ghost Church had helped her soul rings evolve like that.

Dark blue Dark Bluesilver vines immediately burst through the air one after another as they whipped towards Elder Song in an attempt to help the Third Elder deal with her.

But how powerful was Elder Song? Her Greenshadow Godly Eagle was wind-type, and Tang Ya’s Dark Bluesilver Vines were sliced into pieces by formless wind blades before they came too close to her. Tang Ya couldn’t possibly hurt her even if Elder Song wasn’t targeting her.

Just as Tang Ya was about to unleash her most powerful soul skill, she suddenly saw a person appear in front of her. This person’s entire body flickered with streaks of lightning, a man who was full of passion and emotion.

She was just about to unleash an attack at full strength, but for some reason, she froze when she saw this man, and didn’t unleash her next soul skill.

“Xiao… Ya…” Bei Bei’s voice trembled, sounding like a whimper. He couldn’t control his emotions at all when he saw Tang Ya.

Tang Ya was still as beautiful as ever, but she didn’t have her liveliness and her energy from before, and seemed like a statue, like the walking dead.

Huo Yuhao had already seen what Tang Ya was like, but he didn’t dare tell Bei Bei, because he was afraid that Bei Bei would be sad. Bei Bei could now feel his heart knotting up painfully as he saw what Tang Ya was like.

“Xiao Ya, Xiao Ya, I’m Bei Bei! Do… do you remember me?” Tears flowed down Bei Bei’s cheeks uncontrollably, and even though he was releasing his martial soul, he didn’t have any will to fight at all. His entire body was just quivering before her.

Tears didn’t come easy from a real man. Ever since Xiao Ya had gone missing, Bei Bei had been going through agonizing torture in his heart. He believed that it was his fault for not taking care of Xiao Ya that she had ended up in the Holy Ghost Church’s hands.

The last time they met was on the competition stage. When Tang Ya used her Bluesilver Tyrant Spear and impaled him, he had really wanted to just let go and liberate himself. He was absolutely willing, even if he had to die in Tang Ya’s embrace.

This was the second time that they had met after that time, now among endless soldiers, and in the darkness of the night. Bei Bei stared at Tang Ya, who was like a zombie, and he couldn’t control his emotions at all.

Tang Ya stared at Bei Bei, who had tears covering his entire face. She seemed a little frozen as well, but her hand was still slowly rising in Bei Bei’s direction. Her eyes suddenly became cold in the next moment, and countless dark blue shadows lunged right at Bei Bei.

Bei Bei just stood there, motionless. He still didn’t believe that Tang Ya would harm him, even at a time like this.

“What are you doing, Bei Bei?” Xu Sanshi shouted in shock, and a golden light appeared in front of him in the next moment. An enormous shield protected Bei Bei behind it, blocking all the blue shadows going right for him.

Bei Bei’s body trembled as he snapped around at Xu Sanshi, who was rushing to his side. “Don’t interfere, Sanshi! I don’t believe Xiao Ya will harm me.”

Xu Sanshi retorted angrily, “Are you insane? Can you not see that she has been brainwashed, and her mind is being controlled? We have to leave as quickly as possible! Little junior brother cannot keep that up for too long! What kind of romantic game are you playing at now? If you want to move Xiao Ya and let her recover, you have to wait for when everyone has returned safely. Why are you so muddled? Are you trying to kill everyone?”

Xu Sanshi didn’t stop as he hollered furiously at Bei Bei. His Xuanwu Shield became a shield wall as he blocked all the area attacks from Tang Ya’s Dark Bluesilver Grass.

Even though Tang Ya was already an eight-ringed Soul Douluo, Xu Sanshi’s strength had increased exponentially ever since he had fused with his Spirit. His Golden Tortoise was hovering beside him, and it released circles of golden light one after another that greatly boosted his Xuanwu Shield.

Bei Bei was momentarily stunned after Xu Sanshi berated him. However, some clarity finally returned to his eyes as he said, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.” He swiftly came out from behind Xu Sanshi’s shield as he spoke, and he pounced right at Tang Ya amidst flickering golden lightning, unleashing his Radiant Holy Dragon.

Bei Bei used Thunderous Dragon Claw, his first soul skill, and slashed at Tang Ya as he used Vigorous Thunderbolt, his second soul skill, at the same time. Thousands of streaks of lightning permeated the skies as they sliced away the Dark Blusilver Grass in the air.

An elegant white stallion flickering with golden light appeared before Bei Bei, and dragon scales immediately covered Bei Bei’s body. It was Bei Bei’s Spirit, his Heavenly Dragon Horse.

Back then, Bei Bei’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon had officially evolved into a Radiant Holy Dragon after he fused with the Heavenly Dragon Horse. Bei Bei’s aura now swelled as his Spirit appeared. Even though he wasn’t using his martial soul true body, his fighting strength was near that standard with the Heavenly Dragon Horse’s support.

Tang Ya’s eyes were ice-cold from the beginning to the end. She raised her hands and made a grab with her left hand in the air as her Bluesilver Tyrant Spear gradually took form. She pushed out with her right hand towards Bei Bei, and an enormous bluish-black web opened up. It blocked his Thunderous Dragon Claw before it reached for him.

The web was becoming larger and larger as it flew, and it could hold its own against Bei Bei’s radiant lightning.

Bei Bei stomped his right foot heavily on the ground as the lightning on his body flourished. That was his third soul skill, Thunderous Fury!

Golden circles of light were released beneath his feet in the next moment. He used Dragon Emperor’s Realm Quake, and his aura rose incredibly quickly to an extremely fearsome level.

This was the reason why Bei Bei didn’t use his martial soul true body. His fighting strength would be even stronger if he was in his martial soul true body, but his Dragon Emperor’s Realm Quake could only be used at its full strength with Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture. His martial soul true body didn’t have such delicate control, and at the bottom of it all, he was still afraid that he would hurt Tang Ya.

A pair of enormous dragon claws rose as they slashed at the enormous web. The large web dropped down and closed up as it trapped him inside.

Bei Bei fixed his gaze as he shouted, and tore to his sides savagely. He realized as he was tearing that the web was both extremely viscous and tough at the same time, and he couldn’t tear open this web even with his strength.

Furthermore, there were many bluish-black spikes on this web, which released extremely pure energies of darkness that attempted to worm their way into his body. Bei Bei would have been injured as he slashed against those spikes if not for his Radiant Holy Dragon’s scales protecting him.

But Bei Bei was a powerful Soul Sage, after all. With his Heavenly Dragon Horse supporting him, he used Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture as blinding golden light shot into the air. Intense energies of light gave way to pure power as the large web was torn in two. As he tossed those two pieces away, they were thrown towards two evil soul masters in the distance.

However, Bei Bei could clearly feel his scalp going numb in this moment. Tang Ya’s Bluesilver Tyrant Spear had taken form, and the tip of the spear was pointed right at him. She was in a stance like she was going to throw it.

In this moment, Tang Ya was the only person that Bei Bei could see. He could still vividly remember, back on the competition stage, Tang Ya had used her Bluesilver Tyrant Spear to impale him. He didn’t dodge last time, and he had used his passionate and warm blood to meet Tang Ya’s attack. He wanted Tang Ya to feel the love that he had for her in his blood. Back then, Bei Bei felt that Tang Ya seemed to recover part of her memory from his repeated calls.

They were almost in the exact same situation in this moment. Many emotions surfaced in Bei Bei’s mind as he faced her Bluesilver Tyrant Spear once more.

Tang Ya clutched her Bluesilver Tyrant Spear as she stared at the man who had just torn apart her Spiderweb Binding. She seemed to be momentarily stunned, and her ice-cold eyes flowed with a tinge of hesitation.

Xu Sanshi arrived beside Bei Bei with a single stride. He wasn’t afraid of her Bluesilver Tyrant Spear, and his Xuanwu Shield was at the ready.

“Sanshi!” Bei Bei suddenly growled.

“What?” Xu Sanshi turned around at him.

Bei Bei stared at him deeply and said, “Leave this to me. Trust me!”

Xu Sanshi quivered as he said solemnly, “Bei Bei!”

Bei Bei lowered his voice. “Trust me!”

Xu Sanshi took a deep breath. He held onto his golden Xuanwu Shield as he took a step back. However, he didn’t leave the battle.

The Ice Bear King, Little Bai, was controlling the entire battlefield; Shrek Academy’s warriors had the absolute upper hand even though they were few in number.

The most intimidating ones from the Tang Sect were Ji Juechen and Ye Guyi. Ji Juechen’s Judgment Sword unleashed formidable sword intent, and every swing of his sword was a nightmare for those evil soul masters.

Ye Guyi’s situation was even better. Her martial soul was a Holy Angel, while her type wasn’t light. Instead, her martial soul was a holy-type martial soul. Her aura would be strengthened every time she killed an evil soul master, and here, she immediately surpassed the strength of a normal Soul Sage.

Ye Guyi’s martial soul was one of the strongest ones within the entire Tang Sect. In terms of just martial souls, her martial soul probably surpassed either of Huo Yuhao’s.

The element of holiness contained within a Holy Angel was extremely rare, and was born to fight against evil. A Holy Angel would be strengthened every time it killed something evil.

Ye Guyi had just slaughtered an evil Soul Emperor, dissipating his martial soul into dust and nothingness. What she gained from this kill was equivalent to cultivating for three months by herself.

It wasn’t easy to find something evil from day to day, but the Holy Ghost Church was a most suitable opponent for Ye Guyi to strengthen herself with. Furthermore, almost every single evil soul master’s abilities would be countered before her Holy Angel.

The element of light could counter evil, but it wasn’t as strong. Evil soul masters had been investigating  how to deal with the element of light for many years, and they had a set of their own methods. However, there wasn’t much they could do against the element of holiness. Holiness was a natural counter to them, and holiness always trumped evil, so it was a one-sided affair. The reason why the element of holiness was so powerful was that it had almost no natural enemies, while it could counter all evil and darkness.

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