Volume 35, Chapter 495.2: Sneaking In

 “Still no news? Are your people dumb?” Zhongli Wu said coldly to Lin Hai.

Although Zhongli Wu wouldn’t admit it, he still admired Ju Zi a lot. When the Star Luo Empire snatched the Ming Dou Mountain Range back, Zhongli Wu felt it was unbelievable. His own mother couldn’t stop the Star Luo Empire. He was still in disbelief. After that, Ye Xishui mentioned that someone had used Di Tian’s strength to keep her at bay. It was then Zhongli Wu finally understood.

Although the Star Luo Empire had regained control of the Ming Dou Mountain Range and was causing trouble at the Sun Moon Empire’s borders, the Heavenly Soul Empire had already lost two-thirds of their land. Even their capital had been taken. All these were the merits of Ju Zi. Thus Zhongli Wu would have been much more polite if Ju Zi were here. However, he believed that Lin Hai was only a puppet.

“All the surveillance soul tools are operating at their highest efficiency. Also, we’ve sent out more than ten soul engineer teams to search the sky. Indeed, we haven’t found anything.” Lin Hai also knew that he couldn’t afford to offend Zhongli Wu. He could only explain the situation once again.

Zhongli Wu’s eyes flashed with a cold light. Don’t tell me they have many skilled individuals hiding in the sky? Impossible, the surveillance soul tools here have been in use all this while. They are even monitoring the sky using ground-based telescopes. Unless they can all conceal themselves, how could they disappear in the sky?

As it’s night time, the ground-based telescopes are much less effective. However, even so, any major movements would still be discovered. Furthermore, Nangong Wan and Masquerade are both Titled Douluo. Even if the enemies are strong, they should be able to handle them for some time. At least they should be able to send distress signals. I don’t understand how they could go missing.

Just as Zhongli Wu was puzzled, frantic footstep noises were heard. “Reporting!”

Lin Hai straightened his face. “Tell me, what have you found?”

“Yes, Marshal. The Heavenly Centipede Douluo and Masquerade Douluo are back.”

After hearing his words, Lin Hai heaved a sigh of relief. The two of them are finally back. Now, I wonder how this guy will continue to put me in a spot.

Zhongli Wu also appeared much more composed, and said, “Tell them that I’m here. Ask them to come see me.”

“Noted.” The soldier relaying the message acknowledged his order and quickly rushed off.

Not long afterward, the curtains to the commander’s tent opened, and two people walked in.

Nangong Wan was walking slightly in front. He quickly arrived in front of Zhongli Wu and bowed before saying, “Sect leader.”

The Masquerade Douluo followed closely behind him and did the same.

Zhongli Wu asked, “Why have both of you disappeared for so long? What happened?”

Nangong Wan looked very grim. “That fellow was very cunning. After we discovered him, we hid in the clouds and got closer to him. However, he discovered us before we got close to him. He’s a spiritual-type Titled Douluo, but his abilities are extraordinary. He was very quick, and his senses were also very acute. After discovering us, he immediately turned around and fled. He had someone to help him. When we chased him to the Heavenly Soul Empire’s base, we were afraid of falling into their trap, so we stopped and turned back.”

Zhongli Wu didn’t suspect Nangong Wan. It was a normal situation. How easy was it to harm two Titled Douluo?

Zhongli Wu nodded and asked, “What other discoveries have you made?”

Nangong Wan replied, “Yes, sect leader. We seemed to have seen some people from Shrek Academy. Whoever helped that Titled Douluo seemed to have come from Shrek Academy. We saw one of their signals. Because of that, we didn’t venture further, as we were afraid of falling into their trap.”

“Shrek Academy?” Zhongli Wu was slightly moved when he heard these words. All this while, the Holy Ghost Church had felt that their greatest enemy wasn’t the Body Sect, but Shrek Academy.

Shrek Academy had been around for thousands of years. Furthermore, they had students from all around the world. Many military figures in the three empires of the original Douluo Continent hailed from Shrek Academy. When Shrek Academy announced their desire to accept students, the response would be overwhelming. It was why the Sun Moon Empire had failed when they started the first war. Shrek Academy’s intervention had rendered everything futile.

It had been some time since this war had started. Although Shrek Academy hadn’t openly joined in the war, the Death God Douluo claimed that someone from Shrek Academy had intervened during the Ming Dou Mountain Range incident. Now there were people from Shrek Academy here, too?

Nangong Wan and the Masquerade Douluo stood at one side and silently waited as Zhongli Wu pondered.

“Did you clearly see what martial souls those from Shrek Academy possessed?” Zhongli Wu asked.

Nangong Wan replied, “I only saw one. It was from a Transcendent Douluo. His martial soul was a golden phoenix. His abilities were very great. Even if I challenged him to a duel, I wouldn’t be confident of beating him.”

“Golden phoenix? Transcendent Douluo? Yan Shaozhe?” A cold look surfaced on Zhongli Wu’s face. Yan Shaozhe, the Radiant Phoenix Douluo. He’s actually personally here. It seems like Shrek Academy is about to intervene.

As he finished speaking, Zhongli Wu’s expression turned grimmer and grimmer. Although Shrek Academy no longer had an Ultimate Douluo, the Holy Ghost Church had never once let down their guard against them. Even though the Holy Ghost Church was at its peak now, and even had two Ultimate Douluo, they didn’t have any plan of directly attacking Shrek Academy.

This was especially true since Shrek Academy had forced the Great Star Dou Forest to retreat not long ago, further enhancing the Academy’s reputation as the top academy on the continent. Although the Holy Ghost Church wasn’t aware of what had truly happened, the Great Star Dou Forest was still the number one soul beast forest in the world. Of the Ten Great Savage Beasts, five were in the Great Star Dou Forest. This even included Di Tian! Even so, none of them could take down Shrek City. It showed how strong Shrek City was.

The Holy Ghost Church was going to deal with Shrek Academy sooner or later. However, they had no intention of using their abilities to deal with them directly. They wanted to borrow the Sun Moon Empire’s strength. No matter how strong Shrek Academy was, it was still a soul master academy. Their values would be deeply rooted. Although the Academy had been investing greatly in soul tools in recent years, Zhongli Wu still felt that it was insufficient. Could they possibly catch up so quickly?

No matter how impenetrable Shrek City was, they wouldn’t be able to survive if Zhongli Wu led some soul engineer legions to attack them, and fired Class 9 stationary soul cannons at them.

However, Zhongli Wu was a little depressed that Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao had said that they couldn’t attack Shrek Academy directly no matter what. Without the support of the two of them, Zhongli Wu didn’t dare to make any plans to attack Shrek Academy.

“Since they’re here, we’ll let them come at us. Marshal Lin Hai.” Zhongli Wu turned to Lin Hai.

Lin Hai immediately stood up, and respectfully said, “Imperial Tutor, please give me your orders.”

Zhongli Wu said, “Get your men to be more cautious and step up surveillance. Once you discover something, inform me quickly. I want to see what Yan Shaozhe is up to.”

“Yes!” Lin Hai respectfully acknowledged his words.

Zhongli Wu turned to Nangong Wan and said, “Nangong, Masquerade, go and rest. Both of you have done well this time by bringing back important news. However, don’t chase our enemies recklessly in the future. Shrek Academy is very sly. Once you fall into their trap, you’ll be in big trouble. Both of you are important to the church. I hope nothing happens to you.”

“Thank you for your concern.” Nangong Wan and the Masquerade Douluo bowed at the same time.

Zhongli Wu waved them off and said, “Alright, both of you are dismissed.”

“Yes.” Nangong Wan and the Masquerade Douluo turned around and left.

Just as they reached the opening of the tent, Zhongli Wu suddenly called, “Wait a minute.”

Nangong Wan and the Masquerade Douluo both stopped. The Masquerade Douluo stiffened up, but it was only slightly. It wasn’t obvious.

Zhongli Wu said, “Masquerade, you’ve already stagnated for some time. Stop thinking about playing with women. Work harder. Although your martial soul isn’t very strong, it’s very special. If you can become a Transcendent Douluo in the future, it’ll be very helpful to the church.”

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