Volume 35, Chapter 494.3: Spineless Nangong Wan

If Huo Yuhao’s soul core was like a tornado in the sky, then Yan Shaozhe’s soul core was like a huge whirlpool that could devour everything in the ocean. The soul power that it contained was much greater.

A Titled Douluo is indeed a Titled Douluo! As Huo Yuhao secretly looked on in awe, he was also reflecting on himself. As his abilities increased, his self-confidence also grew. He was even confident of fighting some Titled Douluo. However, the aura that Yan Shaozhe exuded right now made him fully aware of how inferior he was.

Wasn’t that the case? Although he appeared to have controlled the fight earlier, that was because Elder Song was around! If not for her, he would have died against an evil Titled Douluo, even if it was just a duel. If those two evil Titled Douluo had unleashed their full strength right from the start, he wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of them or even handle a fight at that tier.

Elder Song and Dean Yan were both right. He had to get stronger. After he...

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