Volume 35, Chapter 493.3: Ju Zi, Seed

The Heavenly Centipede Douluo and the Masquerade Douluo’s expressions froze a little when Elder Song appeared. They hadn’t sensed this powerful individual’s presence around them before this. Furthermore, Elder Song had arrived way too quickly; she was already in front of them when they saw her. They could tell from just her speed that she was undoubtedly a Transcendent Douluo.

Elder Song hovered calmly in midair. Her expression was very casual and plain, but that was enough to give those two evil soul masters immense pressure.

Not being able to sense their opponent’s aura was the most frightening for individuals who were Titled Douluo. The reason was because they saw with their own eyes that Elder Song had descended from above, and with her speed, she had to have been at an altitude of more than fifty-five hundred meters. She could conceal her aura so thoroughly, she was definitely a Transcendent Douluo.

An evil soul master’s advantage wasn’t that obvious anymore at a Transcendent Douluo’s level. Furthermore, evil soul masters themselves had difficulty becoming Titled Douluo, while becoming a Transcendent Douluo was even more challenging.

The Masquerade Douluo was at Rank 91, while Nangong Wan was a little stronger at Rank 92.

Nangong Wan’s eyes squinted a little as intense silver light shone from them. The giant centipede projection behind him seemed to come alive as it twisted, while his nine soul rings flickered faintly.

The Masquerade Douluo’s sinister aura became increasingly dense, and that frightening human face continued forward as it tried to envelop Huo Yuhao and Elder Song.

Elder Song was just standing there, yet she seemed incredibly casual, as she didn’t even unleash her martial soul.

Huo Yuhao suddenly moved. He retreated instead of pushing forward, and disappeared behind Elder Song with a flash.

Everyone began to move together, and the two evil soul masters immediately made their moves at the same time as Huo Yuhao.

The enormous human face behind the Masquerade Douluo suddenly pushed forward and loomed over Huo Yuhao and Elder Song. Agonizing cries echoed throughout the skies, extremely frightening. The Masquerade Douluo’s second, third, and fourth soul rings glowed one after another. The projection was so huge that the Heavenly Centipede Douluo was completely blocked behind it.

Huo Yuhao was already behind Elder Song, but he could still feel an intense force tugging at his soul, as if it were about to tear his spirit apart. Furthermore, he could feel threads of eerie chill bearing down on him from all directions.

The corner of Huo Yuhao’s mouth curved into a cold smile. Are we fighting with spiritual power now?

Huo Yuhao’s soul rings immediately covered his entire body, as he used Imitation to display normal colors, while his third soul ring glowed and transformed into a white circle: Mass Enfeeblement!

Huo Yuhao had already linked up with Elder Song by sharing his Spiritual Detection, and he stretched his Spiritual Detection over the entire area around them. Huo Yuhao didn’t just cover the battlefield; he also covered a large area outside the battlefield. He would definitely discover any other enemies should they appear.

This was the first time Huo Yuhao was working together in battle with a soul master as powerful as Elder Song was. He felt a little nervous, but he was more excited, as battling with and against Titled Douluo was an experience that was far too precious. Furthermore, he wasn’t in any danger at all with an individual as powerful as Elder Song around.

Mass Enfeeblement’s effects were quite obvious, as the human face that was bearing down on them became a little more illusory.

Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny suddenly opened at the same time. However, the evil soul masters couldn’t see what he was doing because Elder Song was standing in front of him.

The rose-gold Eye of Destiny immediately became a cross between black and white, so deep that it resembled the distant starry skies as the uncanny aura of destiny permeated the air. Huo Yuhao’s sixth soul ring suddenly flickered.

The two evil soul masters couldn’t feel what Huo Yuhao was doing, but Elder Song’s senses were very keen. She could feel a kind of radiance piercing her back when Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny started to change color, and that strange undulation even made her feel a sense of danger. That wasn’t soul power, nor was it spiritual power; it was an unknown force to Elder Song. Just as the two evil soul masters felt about her, uncertainties were the most frightening thing to people as powerful as she.

The battle erupted in a split second. Huo Yuhao’s Mass Enfeeblement had just taken effect when the human face arrived before Elder Song.

Elder Song raised her right hand and used it as a blade as she sliced it across the sky. A dark green shadow flashed and disappeared as the human face was immediately cut in two, but that wasn’t all. The dim green shadow that didn’t seem very strong at all immediately arrived in front of the Masquerade Douluo.

The Masquerade Douluo felt his heart skip a beat. The light in front of him contorted a little as he swiftly retreated, and his body quivered in the next moment as the dark shadow vanished. However, there seemed to be some kind of liquid energy dissipate in front of him.

The enormous dark green centipede stretched across the heavens in this moment, and blasted venomous dark green fog towards Elder Song. This venomous fog was very unique, and it appeared as countless tiny particles as it covered the sky. Elder Song pushed her palm forward, and her powerful soul power penetrated through the venomous fog, yet did nothing to stop it.

Right at this moment, a dark beam fired soundlessly from Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny and struck the Masquerade Douluo, who was still retreating into the distance.

It was night time, and the light high up in the sky was already dim. The beam’s black colors were the same as that of the night sky, and it also didn’t have any soul power or spiritual power undulations.

Elder Song felt Huo Yuhao’s black beam the most deeply when he fired it. She felt goosebumps break out over her body, and was astonished once more.

The venomous fog wasn’t dispelled, but that wasn’t enough to stump someone as powerful as Elder Song was. Green light flashed as she took Huo Yuhao several dozen meters away and escaped the venomous fog’s area of effect. Elder Song was an agility-type soul master, after all.

The Masquerade Douluo shivered coldly when he was struck by that black beam. Something unknown happened, and an ominous feeling immediately coursed over his entire body.

What’s wrong with me? The Masquerade Douluo was shocked, but his attacks didn’t stop. He raised his hands as his fingers began to move like he was controlling something. Huo Yuhao and Elder Song had shifted horizontally in an instant, but twisting shadows immediately began to tremble vigorously around them.

“Eh?” Elder Song’s face changed a little, because she could clearly feel that these twisting shadows seemed to contain a very strange power that slowed her reactions and movements. She didn’t just feel her movements slow, she could even feel that her mind and thoughts were also slowing.

That is…

A control-type soul master. Is the Masquerade Douluo actually a control-type soul master?

There was no question that the Heavenly Centipede Douluo was an assault-type soul master, and an assault-type soul master cooperating with a control-type soul master was the best guarantee for unleashing their full potential.

This wasn’t the first time that Nangong Wan and the Masquerade Douluo had worked together. Nangong Wan immediately launched his assault on the other side once the Masquerade Douluo made his move.

The centipede’s shadow suddenly grew material, while Nangong Wan’s own body vanished. The giant centipede that was flickering with dark green colors immediately swelled, and its gigantic frame immediately crashed against Elder Song and Huo Yuhao. It took a but a breath before it grew to over fifty meters long, while its hundreds of pairs of legs bore down on Huo Yuhao and Elder Song.

Martial soul True Body!

A Titled Douluo’s most powerful attack was when he transformed into his martial soul tTrue Body and launched a direct attack. Not even the Beast God, Di Tian, was an exception to this fact.

Soul masters with beast souls had a similar style of battle to top-tier soul beasts once they became Soul Sages.

Elder Song was slowed as Nangong Wan began his assault. The Masquerade Douluo shone with light, but the human face from before didn’t reappear. Instead, more illusory shadows revealed themselves. They were clearly pale white maggots, and they surrounded Elder Song and Huo Yuhao as they were forming a formation. Strange spiritual undulations emanated from each maggot, and interfered with Huo Yuhao and Elder Song.

Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny glowed once more in this moment, as the air around him and Elder Song over several tens of square meters shook intensely. Those were soul power undulations, and those quakes came from his spirit and his soul.

Spiritual Blast!

Soundless explosions detonated as the maggots that were radiating spiritual undulations immediately froze, and their restrictive effects suddenly ended.

Elder Song’s eyes immediately became clear as green light erupted from her body. She didn’t bother with the giant centipede that was rushing towards her, and an eagle’s call rang out as she transformed into an intense green beam and went straight for the Masquerade Douluo.

She was a Rank 97 Titled Douluo, and her speed was just too frightening when she was using her full strength.

Agility-type soul masters were known for their speed and attacking capabilities, while they were relatively weaker in defense. Elder Song was one of the strongest agility-type soul masters in the world today.

If anybody could see what she was doing, they would see that Elder Song almost immediately transformed into a Greenshadow Godly Eagle as she charged forward. This Greenshadow Godly Eagle wasn’t very big, its wingspan stretched to less than four meters. It was a lot smaller and less intimidating compared to that enormous centipede, but the eagle’s most terrifying characteristic was the fact that nobody could see it clearly. Not even Huo Yuhao could see her with his Spirit Eyes, because she was simply too quick. She was so quick that she almost reached the speed that Instant Teleportation could reach. Huo Yuhao could faintly see some afterimages flash across the air as Elder Song appeared behind the Masquerade Douluo. Countless maggots immediately exploded and melted into goo as they dissipated in the air wherever she crossed.

The Masquerade Douluo’s title was not because his martial soul was a mask. The Masquerade Douluo’s martial soul was a Demonic Maggot, a strange martial soul that required consuming human souls to evolve. Furthermore, the Masquerade Douluo was the most fond of consuming the brains of all kinds of living creatures. His martial soul would improve with every instance of consumption.

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