Volume 35, Chapter 493.1: Ju Zi, Seed

Wei Na tilted her head slightly and reached into her pockets, retrieved a small pouch, and gave it to Huo Yuhao. “This is the highest-tier signal soul tool from our side. If you have this, you will never be attacked by friendly forces.”

Huo Yuhao naturally understood the princess’ intentions, and he didn’t reject her gift, taking it and placing it in his own pocket.

Wei Na stared at him deeply and said, “Yuhao, gratitude cannot be voiced for the great favors that you have given us. I will remember that. I need to hurry back so that I can log what I’ve seen today. Intelligence like that is far too precious.”



Huo Yuhao turned around and headed into his own courtyard after watching Wei Na leave. He contemplated his experiences in the air as he walked.

Such powerful linked offensive soul tools! An attack like that would probably severely injure even a Titled Douluo. Fortunately, I had Imitation to conceal myself continuously, so I didn’t have to suffer continuous attacks. Otherwise, the consequences could have been disastrous....

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