Chapter 49.2: The Claw of the Ice Empress

Book 8: Advancing to the Second Year

Chapter 49.2: The Claw of the Ice Empress 

This wasn’t just the might of soul power, but the manifestation of his physical strength. Gong Changlong couldn’t help but feel astonished by this. After all, it had to be known that he was one of the top ten experts in Shrek Academy as cultivation rank went.

Huo Yuhao said, “Yes. Thanks to a fortunate encounter, I obtained a torso bone.”

Du Weilun felt like he was going to go blind; everything in front of him was going dark again! A torso bone? They’d only had a one month holiday, but he went and got himself a torso bone? Since when were torso bones this inexpensive? Didn’t he say that he was an orphan? The Soul Tool Department, it must’ve been them! The Soul Tool Department actually invested so much in him? Wait, Gong Changlong praised the skill that came from that ten year soul ring of his?

Du Weilun couldn’t hold in his curiosity anymore, “Huo Yuhao, just what in the world happened to you? Just what soul skill did you use earlier to make all the soul beasts within the Beast Dueling Arena go limp from fright? Don’t you know how hard it is to train these soul beasts? Either you tell us what happened or you’ll have to compensate us for our loss.”

Gong Changlong’s face sank. “Little Du, what are you doing? He’s just a kid and an an outstanding student on top of that. You’re called Huo Yuhao, right? Tell me, this old man is also very curious about you.”

In such a situation, Huo Yuhao naturally wouldn’t try to conceal anything. He replied obediently, “My first martial soul is my Spirit Eyes, and its second soul ring gives me a skill called ‘Imitation’. This Imitation skill can let me change the shape of my body to imitate various things, and can fake the age of my soul rings as well. Earlier, I made both my soul rings imitate the shape and aura of hundred thousand year soul rings. However, I wasn’t able to fully imitate their auras due to my lacking cultivation. Otherwise, its effects would’ve been even better.”

He wasn’t trying to boast. He had been trying to imitate the aura of the Ice Empress and if a four hundred thousand year old soul beast had suddenly appeared in front of a group of soul beasts who had far inferior cultivations, just the pressure from its aura would have been enough to flatten them all.

After hearing Huo Yuhao’s explanation, Du Weilun and Gong Changlong suddenly understood everything. Gong Changlong couldn’t help but reveal a strange light in his eyes, “Good, good, this is an interesting soul skill. This Imitation is really good! If you had this skill in the Great Star Dou Forest, you would have been able to avoid a large number of conflicts. This would then be extremely useful when you’re hunting soul beasts. This old man’s called Gong Changlong also known as the Beast King. I have another question for you. What’s your second martial soul? I know that it’s advisable for you twin-souled soul masters to keep your second martial a secret and so this old man won’t expect you to reveal your secret for free. How about this? I’ll promise to do everything in my power to help you obtain a soul ring in the future if you’re willing to tell me about your second martial soul. Do we have a deal? ”

Huo Yuhao was overjoyed. A spiritual-type soul beast was simply too rare and this teacher was evidently in charge of the Great Beast Duelling Arena. His assistance would undoubtedly save Huo Yuhao a lot of time and effort.

He nodded hurriedly and replied respectfully, “Teacher Gong, I’m willing to tell you about my second martial soul.”

Du Weilun and the other teachers by the side all had curious expressions on their faces but Huo Yuhao clearly wasn’t planning to satisfy their curious minds. A golden light flickered through his eyes as he immediately activated his Spiritual Detection.

A three-dimensional image of the surrounding 100 meters immediately appeared in Gong Changlong’s brain, and then image quickly focused on Huo Yuhao’s back. It entered his shirt, and the tattoo on his back appeared fully in Gong Changlong’s mind.

This was also Gong Changlong’s first time experiencing the wondrous Spiritual Detection, and he couldn’t help but click his tongue in wonder, “What a good skill! Even among the world of twin-souled soul masters, your combination of martial souls is absolutely at the peak. Very good, very good. So, your second martial soul is that thing. It’s no wonder your ice attribute is at such an Ultimate level. The academy’s truly picked up a treasure this time. Don’t worry, this old man will keep this secret for you. I’d never thought that I could see a martial soul like this within my lifetime.”

The more Gong Changlong spoke about it, the more curious Du Weilun became. However, the second martial soul of any twin-souled soul master was an extremely important secret; they wouldn’t easily divulge it unless it was absolutely necessary. Due to Xiao Xiao’s Ninephoenix Worshipping Flute being a Tool Soul, it was too easy for it to be exposed. Thus, she didn’t bother concealing it. However, Huo Yuhao’s second martial soul clearly wasn’t easily distinguishable. However, Gong Changlong had said that it was an Ultimate martial soul. Thus, it absolutely wasn’t bad at all.

Furthermore, another question had popped up in Du Weilun’s mind. Huo Yuhao’s second soul skill was his Imitation. Then, was the soul ring he’d unleashed from his ice-type martial soul a real one? Was the soul skill even Gong Changlong praised a mere ten year soul skill? Even if he was beaten to death, he wouldn’t believe it!

Huo Yuhao said obediently, “Teacher Gong, Director Du, if there’s nothing more to say, I’ll be going back first.”

Gong Changlong nodded, “You can go back. If you have any spare time in the future, you can come over here and play for a bit. However, I’m forbidding you from imitating a hundred thousand year soul ring here. Otherwise, I’m going to make you go and clean up the beast cages.”

Huo Yuhao smiled mischievously and ran off.

Du Weilun didn’t stop him. What good would stopping him do? He was already a core disciple of the Soul Tool Department! The current Director Du only felt everything in front of his eyes going black. Even in his wildest dreams, he’d never thought that he’d let the Soul Tool Department pick up such a good deal. Furthermore, this was something that he and the Dean had forsaken.

In reality, Du Weilun couldn’t really be blamed. Huo Yuhao’s previous performances had simply been nothing spectacular. However, his trip to the Extreme North had caused his strength to experience a qualitative leap.

After bidding farewell to Gong Changlong, Du Weilun left hurriedly. The advancement test of the second year students hadn’t gone smoothly, and he had to go back and rearrange it. At the same time, he had to report the day’s events to Yan Shaozhe.

After Huo Yuhao walked out of the Great Beast Duelling Arena, he was instantly surrounded by a large number of students.

“Boss Huo, explain yourself clearly. Just what in the world happened with that hundred thousand year soul ring of yours?” Lan Susu called out, standing by the side.

“Yeah. Boss Huo, you have to compensate me for my trousers. I almost pissed myself because of you.” Zhou Sichen stood by the side, fanning the flames. Immediately, he caused his fellow students to erupt into laughter.

“Then you didn’t piss in the end, right? If you take a piss in front of everyone here, I’ll pay you back.” Huo Yuhao said unhappily.

Zhou Sichen was immediately forced to shut up.

Huo Yuhao spoke in a loud voice, “I’m sure that everyone can guess that those hundred thousand year soul rings of mine were definitely fake. I can only say that it’s a new soul skill I’ve obtained that doesn’t have any other practical uses. I won’t talk about any further details! Let me keep a few secrets.”

The advancement test had just started and wouldn’t just end due to such a matter. Just as Huo Yuhao and the other students were returning to their classes in a lively manner, Dai Huabin stood in a shadowy corner not far away from them. As he wiped away the bloodstains at the corners of his mouth, a cruel light appeared in his eyes.

“Huabin, are you okay?” Zhu Lu asked worriedly.

Dai Huabin replied coldly, “Help me request Teacher Mu for a leave of absence. I’m going out for a bit.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Mind your own business” Dai Huabin said coldly. With that, he turned away and left.

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