Chapter 49.1: The Claw of the Ice Empress

Book 8: Advancing to the Second Year

Chapter 49.1: The Claw of the Ice Empress 

“I’ll be waiting for you to kowtow and admit that you were wrong!” These words struck Dai Huabin like a hammer blow and left him stunned.  His already ice-cold countenance turned even paler as the blood seemed to drain out of his face. 

He remembered now that just before they’d entered the large Beast Duelling Arena, Huo Yuhao had specifically emphasized that their bet would be settled today. However, never in his wildest dreams would Dai Huabin have expected Huo Yuhao to actually pass the advancement test with such an overbearing method. As if that wasn’t enough, Huo Yuhao had also revealed his dual hundred thousand year soul rings.

No matter how much he tried to deny it, the facts were right in front of him! Furthermore, the presence of the hundred or so students from the two classes along with the presence of Teacher Wang Yan made it difficult for him to renege on his bet.

For a moment, Dai Huabin felt as though there was a mouthful of air stuck in his chest. His throat tasted sweet and with a ‘wa’, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

He was simply too competitive. However, the more competitive one was, the harder it would be for one to bear losses or humiliation.

Zhu Lu let out an astonished cry and hurriedly rushed over to support him only to be roughly shoved aside by Dai Huabin. Traces of blood had already appeared in his eyes as he glared fiercely at Huo Yuhao who had already left alongside Du Weilun. Suddenly, he dropped to his knees and shouted out loud, “I was wrong!” As he said this, he fiercely smashed his head into the ground. Then, he stood up and ran away.

Huo Yuhao paused his footsteps when he heard Dai Huabin’s loud voice. His gaze was somewhat dazed, but his nose ached.

Mom, did you hear that? Dai Huabin admitted he was wrong. He’s the son of that man and that woman. And this is just the beginning, I will definitely make them pay for the eleven years they made you suffer. 

Huo Yuhao didn’t turn back to look at Dai Huabin. After pausing for a brief moment, he strode forward and continued  following Du Weilun to meet with Gong Changlong.

Dai Huabin crawled to his feet and ran away immediately while Zhu Lu and Cui Yajie hurriedly chased after him. Huo Yuhao’s target was only Dai Huabin, so naturally Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao wouldn’t go over to trouble the two girls. This time, not only had they won but they had done so by using an inconceivable method that had astonished the entire audience.

Du Weilun walked over to Gong Changlong with Huo Yuhao in tow, “Elder Gong, I’ve brought the person over. Look…”

Before he could finish his sentence Gong Changlong let out a cold snort. Suddenly, his body flashed and he sent a palm flying straight towards Huo Yuhao’s head.

Instinctively, Huo Yuhao’s body flashed as he moved backwards using the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. However, the enormous attractive force that suddenly came from Gong Changlong’s fan-like palm forcibly halted his movement, causing his body to stumble forward as his footsteps became chaotic. Furthermore, a terrifying wave of heat appeared within the force of attraction, causing water-like ripples to instantly form in the air around Huo Yuhao’s body.

Du Weilun didn’t stop him since he knew that Gong Changlong was only trying to test Huo Yuhao. In reality, he was extremely curious too and if it wasn’t for the situation occurring in front of him, he would’ve verified Huo Yuhao’s abilities himself. A milky-white light suddenly flashed across Huo Yuhao’s eyes as he forcefully stood his ground with a stamp. A spotless white soul ring instantly rose from his feet, since he couldn’t evade Gong Changlong’s blow his only option was to take it on forcefully. As if he was supporting the heavens, he moved his palms to block Gong Changlong’s palm.

Even though it was currently the middle of the day and there was still ample sunlight. When Huo Yuhao raised his hands to block Gong Changlong’s palm, the nearby teachers could clearly see that his palms were flickering with a dazzling light almost as if he was wearing a pair of diamond gloves. At the same time, all of them suddenly felt an intense chill spread through them. The arrival of this chilliness was not only sudden but also ferocious, it was so powerful that it  seemed to have the ability to pierce into one’s bones. This dense cold aura even caused someone of Du Weilun’s cultivation to instinctively shiver.  The three palms connected and Gong Changlong’s right palm suddenly turned fiery-red as if it was a burning hot piece of coal. A ‘chichi’ sound rang out the instant he collided with Huo Yuhao’s palms. Large billowing waves of white mist burst forth from the point where the two collided, so much so that their entire bodies were hidden within the mist.

The clash caused Huo Yuhao to retreat a few steps before falling onto the ground with a thump. Although, his butt had landed on the ground and he had a somewhat astonished expression on his face. His appearance clearly showed that he hadn’t suffered any injuries.

Gong Changlong’s astonished face was clearly seen once the white mist has dispersed. “What a good brat,” he said, “You possess the Ultimate Ice attribute which allowed your martial soul to suppress this old man’s. What bothers me however, is how a one-ringed Soul Master like you possesses soul power comparable to that of a Rank 20 Soul Grandmaster? Also, where’s the hundred thousand year soul ring you were supposed to have?” No one saw this but despite dispersing rapidly, an icy mist still lingered about the right hand he hid behind his back.

Huo Yuhao stood up. He naturally understood that this elder was only trying to test his cultivation. He replied respectfully, “Teacher, I don’t have a hundred thousand year soul ring. That was only a special soul skill of mine. As for my soul power being above Rank 20, that is because I have two martial souls. My first martial soul has two soul rings. Earlier, I sensed that you had a fire-attribute martial soul and since it just so happens that my second martial soul is an ice-attributed one. I decided to use it in the hope that I’d be able to retaliate better. ”

Du Weilun was already widening his eyes when Huo Yuhao revealed his ice-type martial soul. Especially after he saw that singular white soul ring appear. Upon also hearing Huo Yuhao personally say that he had twin martial souls, he felt everything in front of him go black. Depression took him over and he nearly spat out blood like Dai Huabin.

Even if Huo Yuhao’s Class 1 had both him and Xiao Xiao that possessed twin martial souls, in reality, they were the only ones in the entire outer courtyard who had twin martial souls! People with twin martial souls were absolutely gifted and talented existences. Even in the extremely harsh Shrek Academy, all the previous students with dual martial souls had become core disciples and entered the inner courtyard.

The thing that depressed Du Weilun the most  was the fact that he thought that Huo Yuhao had wasted his twin martial souls! As a student of Shrek Academy, a ten year soul ring was already a disgrace and Huo Yuhao had a ten year soul ring on not one but both of his martial souls. Speaking of which, hadn’t he mentioned that the hundred thousand year soul ring he had revealed earlier was a skill? The curiosity in his heart wasn’t one bit less than Gong Changlong’s.

Gong Changlong nodded seriously. “Very good, it’s a very powerful skill. Both its power and attribute have reached the pinnacle. If I’m not mistaken, you definitely have a soul bone within you. Moreover, it’s a power-type soul bone. There is no other way for you to have been able to burst out with so much power otherwise.

Earlier, he had been extremely furious towards  the person who’d sent his soul beasts into a mess. It was due to this anger that he had been prepared to discipline Huo Yuhao using that palm attack of his. After sensing Huo Yuhao’s soul power, the strength contained within his palm should’ve easily sent him flying according to common sense. At the very least, he should’ve tumbled head over heels across the ground. However, Huo Yuhao had only retreated a few steps backwards and landed on his butt, as if nothing serious had occurred to him.

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