Volume 34, Chapter 485.1: I'm Not Dead?

Ju Zi was horrified. She turned around and kneeled once again. “No, Your Majesty. No, I can’t do that. How can I bear someone else’s child? I’m your Ju Zi, and will only be your Ju Zi. No, I don’t agree.”

Xu Tianran was a little stunned, and was also a little touched as he looked at Ju Zi. This was the first time she had dared to resist his orders ever since she had saved him. However, this resistance only stroked his ego.

“If possible, no one would want his wife to have someone else’s kid. However, I have no choice. I can only do this to shut everyone up. I’ve even selected the candidate. He’s an authentic bearer of the royal blood lineage, and he’s a distant cousin of mine. Due to a mutation of his martial soul, he’s not even a soul master now, and he holds a very lowly position in the royal family. Apart from you, no one else must know about this. 

“I’ll ask someone to teach you how to carry it out. After that, you’ll retrieve the ‘seedling’ from his body and implant it into...

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