Volume 34, Chapter 484.3: Game of Death

Huo Yuhao stopped losing blood under the coagulation effect of the silent and dark Domain. However, when his body was completely naked, his wounds were bared for the Dragon Emperor Douluo to see.

A smile surfaced across Long Xiaoyao’s face, “If not for the fact that this Dragon Pill requires you to have no resistance, and that you must be in your absolute weakest state, why would I make you go through so much pain? Haih, to be honest, I was moved by you earlier, and almost couldn’t lay my hands on you. It’s just that Mu En made me do this. In fact, you wouldn’t need this Dragon Pill if you weren’t improving so quickly. However, the time seems to be right now. I can’t stop Xishui. I shall leave the responsibility of resisting the Holy Ghost Church to you. Young fellow, you must do your best!”

As he spoke, Long Xiaoyao moved his hands and turned Huo Yuhao’s body continuously. His wounds were quickly stitched up. However, he was still very pale from losing so much blood.

However, it was at this moment...

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